Feminine Radiance & Courage

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We’re Johnny and Lara Fernandez (www.johnnyandlara.com), and over the past decade, we’ve have helped thousands of women learn how to be a magnet for soul mate love so that they can manifest the man and life of their dreams.

Through our experience, we discovered a common thread that linked many of the women we helped. And that is, most women struggle with learning how to tap into their inner feminine radiance and courage to get the results they want in their lives.

That’s why we created Feminine Radiance & Courage. It's a new and powerful 5 module Home Learning Course that helps women learn about and tap into their feminine radiance and courage, so they can be more attractive to healthy men, and have the course to live the life of their dreams.

We’d LOVE love love for your community to have the opportunity to join us for this brand new unique course that is designed, delivered, and led personally by us - Johnny & Lara.

What’s in it for your community?

We’ll be offering three separate and distinct high value free content pieces that will allow them to opt in to immediately discover their unique Radiance Road Blocks (our eye opening Radiance Road Blocks QUIZ), step into great radiance quickly (our Radiance Restoration Checklist), and/or learn how to be more attractive to high vibration situations, men, and all people. Through all of this and our Content-Rich WEBINAR, women will thank you for offering them such valuable free content, and giving them the opportunity to dive deeper in the paid course.

What’s in it for you?

You'll earn $75 - $575 per referral who purchases, depending on what they choose to do with us. For each of your referrals who signs up for the Feminine Radiance & Courage (FRC) Home Learning Course during our 2016 Spring Special (March 19 - April 2, 2016), you'll earn $75 (approximately 30%) per signup PLUS you will earn an ADDITIONAL $500/referral when they take advantage of the Free Bonus of a ticket to a 2016 Love Breakthrough Weekend (April or May) and they sign up for our Advanced Program (called the LoveLaunch Program). We'll pay all your affiliate commissions in one nice fat lump sum in June, after our entire launch is finished. Last year we paid our top affiliates over $10,000 - we'd love to do the same for you!

Plus, you'll have the satisfaction of knowing that either way, you're helping the women in your community in myriad ways.

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