ATTENTION Busy Single Woman...

Give Us 21 Days And We'll Help You Overcome The Surprising "Hidden Forces" Pulling You Back From The GREAT Guys You Want To Meet And Living Your BEST Life!


Do you ever find yourself awake at night wondering...

1. Am I destined to be alone forever?

2. What if I meet a GREAT guy then push him away or mess it up like I've done in the past? Or...

3. Will I just keep meeting guys who SEEM great but then realize they're jerks, wrong for me, noncommittal, or a psycho of some sort?

4. Is something deeply WRONG with me, am I broken, damaged, or is my 'man picker' permanently OFF and so I'll just NEVER pick the right guy?

5. Am I actually worthy of the love of a GOOD man, a QUALITY man?

What If There Was a Simple, Effective
"Inner Process" To Make These Fears Go Away So You Can Finally Attract The RIGHT Man For You?

Dear Busy Single Woman,

If you're anything like I was before I met my husband Johnny, you're afraid of all sorts of things but mostly...'re afraid of being alone. Afraid there is something 'wrong with you', something that's stopping you finding the healthy, masculine, QUALITY man you want to spend your life with.

You see other women, who seem not so different to you, snuggled up with their soulmate and you wonder...

"Why am I still alone, why haven't I found MY soulmate?"

Here's the good news: it's NOT your fault

Just before I began my journey to meeting my soulmate Johnny, I discovered there were several "Hidden Forces" blocking me from letting love into my life. Those forces are blocking love from entering your life too.

These Forces Block Your Radiant Femininity, The TRUE Expression Of Your Inner Self That Will Attract Your Soulmate

If you're anything like me, you sometimes feel out of touch with your feminine side. And if you've ever found yourself constantly in busy mode, unable to relax fully and feel feminine, then you know what I mean.

With all your ambitions, the pressures of society and the simple day to day stress of living life, it's easy to find yourself forgetting who you are, don't you think? Sometimes you begin to feel like a genderless robot, or occasionally a man, possibly more masculine than the last one you dated.

It's easy to feel stuck in your life, to find yourself going through the motions and just muddling through, and finding the man of your dreams just isn't showing up. It's easy to settle for circumstances, jobs, and relationships that aren't healthy or rewarding for you.

It's easy to feel worried about what others think, of what you might be missing out on. Or even wondering what you might REALLY be capable of (if you only knew how to live from your confident, passionate, feminine heart). Worst of all...

It's easy to start believing this is just the way things are and that nothing will change... that's certainly how I used to feel. Do you relate to this at all? Listen...arrow_pink

My name is Lara.

laraimageYou'll find out more about me in a minute, for now all you need to know is I used to struggle with all of these things.

I was unsure of the direction of my life, unhappy in my relationships and just felt kind of...sad. I didn't feel feminine, or alive.

My life was spent in busy work, building my chiropractic practice, and just pushing, pushing, pushing, while feeling empty inside. I loved my work, but I didn't feel completely fulfilled. Something was missing.

I would look in the mirror and think: "Who ARE you?" The woman staring back at me was not the woman in my heart, she was a shadow of what she could've been. A shadow of what it was her birthright to be.

I projected some confidence and yet, at times, there was this nagging worry deep inside. I felt lonely and uncertain about my future.

What's worse, I didn't know how to ask for help. And even if I'd known how to as, I wouldn't have known who to ask.

But it didn't stay that way. With help from the right mentors, I found my path. I used an "inner process" that I've now developed into our "Feminine Radiance Restoration Process", to reconnect my feminine heart, so I could begin to fell more confident, loving and passionate.

I'm here to tell you, and promise you, from my heart to yours, that youcan reconnect with your feminine identity. You can find that missing piece of your identity as a woman, and live your life from the deepest, truest parts of your soul.

And you don't have to sweat, push or "make it happen" (thank goodness!) it's natural, easy, and for a woman like you - looking to be more feminine and's almost effortless.

The truth is, the modern world denies us our femininity. The pressure of work, family and the constant barrage of media propaganda with its skewed perception of what it means to be a woman, puts massive pressure on us women, to act, and even look, a certain way.

The answer, my soul sister, is not what you think it is. You do not need to find a way to balance all of these things. You don't need to become that skinny as a rake, makeup armor wearing Barbie doll that makes you feel so insecure. You don't need to act like a pretty airhead princess or a promiscuous maneater, either.

Deep down you want to become more of yourself, because what you're yearning after is actually self-expression. It's to be the full embodiment of that unique, fun, playful, confident, beautiful feminine woman you know you really want to be and who's MAGNETIC to love, to men... and to magic and miracles. smalllaraarrow_mob

I'm going to show you how to do that.

I'm going to show you how to awaken your feminine identity, using the simple, "Feminine Radiance Restoration Process" you've already heard about

I'll say it one more time. You do not need to become anything other than what you are. You need to become more of you, more of what makes you feel unique and alive, because that is what will attract opportunities and people (including prince charming) into your life.

The world needs YOU, the unique, wonderful, beautiful soul that is you, and this Feminine Radiance Restoration Process will bring it out.

Listen, I know what it's like to feel assaulted on every side by the pressures of life, family, men and dating. I feel you, I mean...I know what it's like to:

  • I know what it's like to look around you and see all these happy,
    successful women
    who seem to have it all together with her
    man, career and children, and all you can think to yourself is:
    "Where did I go wrong? What did I miss?"
  • I know what it's like to find yourself going through man after
    man, who just don't fit the bill, whether he's emotionally
    unavailable, a liar or simply afraid of commitment, I've had my
    heart broken more times than I care to remember.
  • I know what it's like to find yourself wondering "maybe I want a
    family, maybe I want children...but what if it's too late?
    biological clock is ticking and I don't even know the father of my
    children yet."
  • I sure do know what it's like to wake up every day for work, get
    dressed and eat breakfast with bleary eyes and a weary soul
    before spending your day going through the motions, feeling
    more like a robot
    than a person, let alone a woman.
  • I know what it's like to be so busy, you feel like life is passing
    you by
    , and all the while you've got this nagging sense of
    emptiness sat deep in your heart because you know you're
    missing out on what life is all about.
  • I definitely know what it's like to feel alone. No matter how many
    wonderful friends and family member you have around you, no
    matter how much support you have, nobody seems to quite
    understand. You feel separated. Alone, wishing you were
    with your man.

I need to tell you that change is simpler than you think. What feels like an impossible, maybe even hopeless situation, is really only a mirage.

Overcoming these "Hidden Forces" is challenging and difficult, and we're here to make it easier.

We're here to guide you down the path and show you the way to your soulmate.

Imagine the woman who's completed this path.

In your mind's eye, picture how beautiful, radiant and alive she
looks on the arm of the man of her dreams. They're sitting on a
park bench, hands interlocked with her head resting gently on
his shoulder. They're both looking lovingly at their children
playing on a climbing frame. She feels peaceful and confident
as a woman, secure in their relationship, and even kind of lucky,
so very lucky, to be where she is now.

You've always envied HER, the woman who has it all, haven't
you? Perhaps it's your neighbor, a relative or a friend, but there's
somebody you know, who already has this figured out; they
already have the "secret". You're afraid she'll have
everything - the perfect man and the perfect children, and
you'll still be alone.

We're here to tell you it doesn't have to be
this way...

The simple, "Feminine Radiance Restoration Process"
you're about the discover, is a proven, time-tested method for
uncovering and bringing out the radiant and courageous
within you. I've used it for myself, as have many women
who came before me, and many women that I've helped
personally use it for themselves.

And all you have to do, is follow these steps, do the exercises with
integrity and an open heart, and you'l be amazed at the
changes you'll feel and other will see. There's no crazy
weirdness to it, nothing that will make you feel uncomfortable.
It's all proven, scientific and spiritual practices that help you get
in touch with your deepest truths and unveil that radiant woman
within, who will be at ease and naturally confident, the envy of
her friends, and the man magnet that you've always wanted to
be. Yes, seriously. You.

Simply trust the process, apply the Feminine Radiance &
inner work to your life, and it will work for you.

Your path from stressed out, genderless
robot to radiant, confident, beautiful,
feminine goddess who attracts her soul mate like a magnet is far shorter than you think.
All you have to do is follow this simple
"Feminine Radiance Restoration Process"
for yourself

It feel like things are never going to change, doesn't it?

Time is frankly irrelevant. You can do the process as fast or as slow as you want, you can work it
around your commitments and your schedule. The first step is to simply make the decision to
commit to yourself and do it, and use it, to uncover the hidden roadblocks that are keeping
you from the life and love you deserve. Once you simply start...

You'll be amazed at the ease and speed with which you become your new confident, loving,
passionate, more beautiful
self. What's more, you won't believe how obvious these changes
are to others. They will literally see and feel your radiance. People, particularly quality men, are
extremely attracted to true, inner feminine radiance and courage. They'll see you, and you'll
start to attract them.

Image for a second how it would feel to relax as your true self, and having the confidence to
express fully who you are, in all your feminine beauty, without the tension and fear that comes
from worrying about what others think.

Just imagine how much more radiant and attractive you would be to all the opportunities and
people in your life - at work, with friends, and yes...including prince charming who's out there
waiting for you. Imagine how it would feel to have that fear in the bottom of your gut just
disappear, and feel at peace with the certainty that Mr. Right is on his way to you.

Finally, imagine how it would feel to have him hold you tenderly and securely in his arms while
he whispers sweetly in your ear that he never thought he'd find someone as radiant,
courageous, unique and beautiful as you; he feels so lucky to have you, and you feel lucky to
have him

Introducing... Feminine Radiance & Courage: A Simple, Fun Way To Unlock Your Femininity And Begin Attracting Your Soulmate In 21 Days Or Less

After 10 years of research into the secrets of femininity, we can finally reveal: The ONLY step-by-step "Feminine Radiance Restoration Process" developed by a quality masculine man, and a feminine radiant woman for unlocking the hidden goddess within you, so you can finally attract your soulmate...

The principles and practices revealed in this life mastery program for aspiring radiant
& courageous women has taken over a decade of discovery, research, and
experience to create.arrow_pink

Here's how it all started...

Over the past 11 years, we have helped thousands of women on the path towards attracting the life and man of their dreams.

What we discovered was that there was one
common thread that linked many of these
women together. They didn't know what was or
how to access and cultivate their magnetic
Feminine Radiance, and if they had an idea of
how to do it, they didn't have the Courage to do
so. Because they didn't tap into their inner
femininity, they blocked love from entering
their lives. And we're not just talking about the
love of a good man, but self-love also. Many of
them felt like they were losing ground and life
began to feel overwhelming and stressful.

While we help women overcome that in out Love Breakthrough programs, we knew we had to
specifically and very directly help women step into their feminine essence so that they can
experience deeper self-love, stronger romantic relationships, and better relationships with
friends, family, co-workers and bosses.

We also knew that Radiant Femininity is the key to gaining control of their professional and
personal lives. But the more we researched and consumed other "Femininity" courses, the
more we realized that there were two crucial gaps:

  • None of the femininity courses offered the male perspective
  • The principles taught are unforunately not always applicable for professional women living in the "real world"

This is NOT your average "Let your light shine" Program!
You'll discover the often over-looked missing link in
unlocking your true femininity that will attract your soulmate like a magnet

You are only feminine because the opposite masculine exists as well. It's in the
contrast, the interplay between femininity and masculinity, that you will find the
confidence and courage to become who you've always known ourself to be, and
attract the life and love of your dreams.

It's vital to get the male perspective because we do not live in a bubble of women-only. Men
exist in the real world and BOTH the masculine and feminine energy are needed to enjoy
happy and healthy relationships with co-workers, employees, bosses, and romantic interests.

This entire course was created by a Radiant Feminine
woman and a Healthy Masculine man who actually live
this stuff. We (Lara & Johnny) are a soulmate couple
who have been together for over 15 years.
Together, we have spent the past decade teaching
women how to attract the love of their life.

Over the past 10 years, we have seen again and again that the women who successfully
navigate between their professional, personal and love life understand, appreciate and honor
the masculine energy while learning more about tapping into the power of the Radiant
Feminine. That's why there is absolutely no man-bashing here.

This program is all about learning how to get the most out of the feminine and masculine
energy - because BOTH are needed for outer success. Too many teachings simply replace
unhealthy masculine power OVER the feminine with unhealthy feminine power OVER the
masculine. Either way, it's unhealthy. And especially detrimental if you have important men in
your life (co-workers, employees, sons, fathers, uncles, bosses, or a significant other you are
with or want to attract).

Remember, we must not eliminate the masculine. We must embrace and use both energies to

When you learn how to embrace your feminine radiance and feminine courage, you'll
experience power WITH the masculine, and the men in your life will transform before your
eyes, and you will too.

It's time to transcend the experience of the masses. Together, we'll end the trance of scarcity,
end the trance that too many women fall into - they can EITHER be feminine OR be a strong
woman of substance.

The other principle we stuck to when creating this program was to completely eliminate
airy-fairy, pie-in-the-sky concepts that simply do NOT work in the real world. This entire
program is based on real-life, down to earth principles that work for busy women who want
to get back in touch with their femininity so they can finally attract the life and love of their

So after years of developing and perfecting our process, we have created the only 5-step
system that can guide any woman toward activating their true Feminine Radiance and
ultimately, their Soulmate Magnet that will bring Prince Charming into their life.

How will this journey unfold?

  • You'll get instant access to Five 90-minute
    . taking you step-by-step through the
    Feminine Radiance Restoration Process. You can
    listen at your own pace, at home on your computer,
    mobile or tablet.

  • You'll get 2 live illumination Q & A Calls with
    Johnny and Lara themselves, where you can ask
    questions in advance and/or live on the
    phone/webcast and receive their personal
    coaching and support. These 90-minute
    Illumination Q & Calls
    are accessible from
    anywhere with a telephone or an internet
    connection. Listen in from the comfort of your
    home or on-the-go
    . You'll also receive the
    recording so you can refer back to them again
    and again.

When you register for Feminine Radiance & Courage, over the next 21 days or less (you choose the speed) you will:

  • Finally uncover the unique "Hidden Forces" that are blocking your true femininity and how to overcome them quickly so you can finally attract the right man for you.

  • Discover how to tap into your inner well of feminine energy, so you can immediately and
    effortlessly become more relaxed. happy and attractive to the opportunities and people
    around you. Everyone will see it. The feminine light will be shining from your face.

  • Get clarity on the unhealthy patterns, beliefs and relationships that are blocking your
    feminine energy and preventing you from achieving your dreams, so you can finally start
    moving towards your soulmate.

  • Discover the secret to uncovering who you really are, and living effortlessly from that
    place without fear of judgement or what others might think.

  • Learn how to integrate your new feminine identity into your life, once and for all, so you
    can begin to attract the opportunities and man you desire.

Here's what just a few of our past students
had to say about how Feminine Radiance &
Courage changed their life:

  • flowers

    "Hello Johnny and Lara! I can't believe this is out last session
    together! I have learned soo much this past few weeks! And I
    will continue to learn like the French say: education
    permanence! I love the way you work together and teamed up
    bringing fun and light to the world person by person, I really
    consider you a power couple, when I look at your picture and
    than I think: wow! these guys rock and coutchie coutchie too
    hahah! I want that too! and now I know I can!!!!
    Sometimes my thoughts get the better of me, but I know that I
    just need to be more courageous and step up for myself! The
    last class was amazing: I had so many things come up, things I
    like to bible class, feng shui, qi neng qi gong,
    photography, start up matchmaking business, engage in youth
    programs, singing, dancing, abstract painting etc etc
    everything that brings zest in life, so much, I need two lives. I
    forgotten about all that stuff I wanted to do. As long as I keep
    on doing the opa's and the 5 minutes of joy I'll keep on track,
    and that is challenging to me, but it will become more and
    more automatic to pamper my self!!! Thank you guys! big hugs,
    blessing and kisses for you enjoy the holidays!"

  • may

    "I'm so thankful for
    this course! Thanks
    you so much for this
    content. Lots of love
    from Brazil"

  • flowers

    "Thanks so much
    Johnny and Lara for
    a fabulous course
    with so many helpful
    tips to maintaining
    feminine radiance
    and courage for life
    and magnetizing
    magic, miracles and
    good men."

  • olga

    "I just wanted to
    express my gratitude
    to you for creating
    this course and the
    tools I intend to use
    for the rest of my life.
    I've learned, I am
    learning and I will
    continue learning. It
    is a pleasure learning
    from you. You are
    such a wonderful
    couple with such a
    beautiful's just a
    dream for me to have
    and experience the
    love, the support and
    respect that you both
    have for each other.
    Thank you again and
    I am looking forward
    to see you at the live
    event. Respectfully"

  • flowers

    "I want to thank you for this wonderful course that really
    helped me to become much more authentic and confident and
    faithful and also find wonderful friends to support each other.
    There are no words that actually express my gratitude
    toward you. Love you both and so looking forward to the next
    course to be with you again."


Here's a module-by-module breakdown of
what you'll discover in Feminine Radiance
and Courage:


Did you know that TWO of the top 5 regrets of the dying is not living with enough COURAGE?

That's why this module is focused on laying the foundation for stepping into your power, aligning with your innermost dreams and desires, connecting with your inner courage to truly GO FOR IT!

We'll explain how certain people, cultures or religions might have shaped and affected the way you present yourself to the world. These invisible forces also shape the filter in which you see "femininity" through.

You will discover the 1st key of Feminine Radiance which will show you how to tap into your energy so you feel continually renewed and rejuvenated. You'll learn exactly how to dig out the root cause of why your radiance and courage have diminished over the years and how you can tap into it again, or for the first time. Powerfully. Instantly.

You'll learn:

  • The most advanced and profound tools to shift your hormones and
    the right way. (This alone will open your eyes to a whole new
    world of opportunities, and change the way people interact with you on
    a daily basis)

  • You will learn how to spot and eliminate and elements in your life that
    drain your energy and dull your inner radiance and courage.

  • How to break free from other people's limiting expectations so you can
    step into your power unapologetically.

  • A hidden technique to boost your energy so you feel vibrant and ready
    to take on new challenges and say YES to new opportunities..

By the end of the module, you'll experience greater control over your
disempowering thought patterns.

You'll even start to notice that people will start treating you differently. You
will feel more connected with yourself, loved ones, colleagues and

"I feel FREE!!!"

"I kick ass! I am writing a five Book series, publishing my first novel next year, creating a brand, blogging, got with my soul mate. I'm not looking for contrast in my love life, but I'm willing to fight for LOVE! I feel FREE!!!"

C. Jill Hefte, Sedona, AZ, USA


Until now, you might have felt lost in a haze with men - in relationships, at
work, at home. Hours (years?) have been wasted trying to "figure men out"
and overanalyze bad dates, failed relationships, and painful

In this module, you'll discover the 2nd key of Feminine Radiance that will
wake you up from the confusion and frustration that you've had with men.
This will shift you into alignment and make you attractive to high vibration
people - including quality men.

Already in a committed relationship? This 2nd key of Feminine Radiance
will re-ignite the passion and make him feel like
he is falling in love with you all over again.

You'll discover:

  • How to accelerate the growth of inner power - we'll work together to
    develop your own customized Feminine Radiance Restoration Kit. This
    self-care kit has been specifically designed to "reset" your energy and
    leave you feeling restored.

  • How to uncover your truth and break free from the destructive power
    of anger
    and resentment. As Gandhi says, "Holding to anger is like
    drinking poison and expecting the other person to die."

  • How to feel sexier and more feminine through enhancing your self-care
    rituals. You'll also learn how to avoid falling into common pitfalls of
    narcissism and self-indulgence.

  • Our life-changing Power Reclamation Process that will help you rediscover your inner fire and approach every encounter with grace and confidence.

Part of living with integrity is coming into alignment with who we really are.
When you live authentically, you attract the man and the life that you've
always wanted.

By the end of the module, you will feel empowered to create your own
reality and your new feminine energy will manifest the right people and
the right situations.

"You look different, you glow!"

"I have made a daily practice of honoring
my value and worth which has reflected
in all my relationships. People look at me
and notice changes, such as "you look
different, you glow, you look peaceful,
happy, content".
My family members have been respond-
ing to me with more compassion and
understanding and outward affection."

Dana N - Napa, CA, USA


Many women in relationships fall into unhealthy patterns of
over-compromising, or an obsessive need for control or caretaking.

When you can't get in touch with, or simply don't express your true needs in a
relationship and you consistently put yourself second, you send ou the
message that you have lesser value. This lowers your self-esteem and
blocks true reciprocal love from entering your life.

In this module, you'll discover the 3rd key of Feminine Radiance that will
deepen your sense of peace and freedom.

You'll learn:

  • How to stop obsessing about other by developing powerful insight,
    inner strength and self-loving resilience
    so you can start taking
    immaculate care of yourself. (yes, you deserve it, don't you?)

  • How to free yourself from the harmful behavior of others so you can
    navigate through all of your relationships feeling relaxed and in control.

  • The empowering "win-win" ways you can nurture and give to others.

  • How to define your boundaries and learn how to stick to them in ALL of
    your relationships..

When you treat yourself well, others reciprocate. By the end of this
module, you'll have left behind your old, unhealthy patterns so that real
LOVE can enter your life. Starting with real LOVE of yourself.

We know that you already have good self-esteem and a good sense of
self-worth (or you wouldn't be reading this!), but after the powerful
learning in this module you will feel a new sense of self-worth, which will
translate into increased self-care and a much happier relationship with
others and with yourself. Together, we'll transform any of your past
wounds that have been holding you back from realizing your full potential
so you can finally move forward in your life.

By the end of the module, you will finally start feeling empowered to
create more healthy and mutually fulfilling relationships (romantic and
otherwise) where your needs are not always bumped into second place.

"I no longer have to sell myself to
everyone to maintain a relationship"

"I feel more comfortable not being
'perfect' in every relationship, be it work or
personal. I can take time for myself and
my needs, and people still seem to like/
respect/care about me as much as they
did before. Imagine that - I no longer have
to constantly sell myself to everyone in
order to maintain a relationship.
This is so liberating!"

Ali C. - Washington DC, USA


Have you ever felt limited by your 'good girl' image?

Ever wish you could break free of other people's expectations of you?

Imagine how liberating it would be to finally do what YOU really want to do
- regardless of what anyone thinks.

In this module, you'll learn the 4th key of Feminine Radiance that helps
you feel confident showing up in the world as you REAL and authentic

You'll discover:

  • How to speak the confident language of the Empowered Radiant
    without fear of judgement or criticism (psst... this itself can be a
    powerful litmus test for finding your man!).

  • The 5 steps to making your words a magnet for miracles so you can
    powerfully attract the right people and opportunities to you. (Deep in
    your heart, you still believe in Magic and this will make you a believer

  • How to speak with authority so you can be your own best advocate and
    get the results you want in the real world... without sounding like a

  • A transformative declaration that instantly puts you in alignment with
    the Universe and all that you desire.

  • Proven practices to shedding your self-doubt and becoming free to be
    your TRUE self

By the end of this module, you'll be liberated from other people's
expectations and crippling fears about "what they might think". So you can
finally be confident to speak your truth with clarity, compassion and deep

"I leap out of my comfort zone on a
regular basis"

"I take so much better care of myself,
without any guilt whatsoever. I am
focused, intentional and refuse to be
rushed any longer. I have brought so
many men of integrity into my life and
done so many things I never thought I'd
be doing. I've learned to be comfortable
being uncomfortable and to leap out of
my comfort zone on a regular basis."

Kelly W. - Bonney Lake, WA, US


This module is where it all comes together. You'll learn how to integrate all
of these teachings, practices and universal principles into your life so you
can walk with radiance and courage everywhere you go.

You'll have the tools and the know-how to form deeper relationships with
co-workers, family, friends and love interests.

We'll also show you what to keep focused on each day to keep you on
track moving swiftly toward the life of your dreams.

You'll learn:

  • How to avoid common Feminine Radiance Saboteurs that steal your joy
    and drain your energy and make it really hard to attract a good man and
    keep him.

  • Easy "accountability" strategies that help you keep your daily self-care
    regimen on track.

  • Rapid-fire techinques you can use any time you start compromising your predefined boundaries.

  • Our signature action plan of 6 Key Practices for maintaining your
    femininity, radiance and courage.

  • How to develop your potential by safely "stretching" out of your familiar
    zone and creating a new reality for yourself.

Congratulations! You have transformed into the BEST, most ATTRACTIVE
version of yourself. Once you have completed the entire program, you will have
earned your Feminine Randiance and Courage degree.

You'll get a printable Feminine Radiance and Courage Degree that will
remind you every day that YOU are the most precious resource and the
asset most worth
investing in.

"I feel whole, light and filled with so
much joy & laughter"

"Before this program, I was lost in the
world! I was very caught up in my
masculine energy and I just didn't know
how to just BE.
Johnny and Lara have taught me so much
about love and compassion for myself. I
have truly connected with my inner
calmness in a way that I'm now drawing
more good in my life. I see the beauty and
love that surrounds me and at times I tear
up because I've found ME and I'm so
happy! The feeling is indescribable. I feel
whole, light and filled with so much joy &
laughter. I'm so grateful and proud to
have Johnny & Lara as my mentors"

Yvonne P. - Taylor, MI, USA


You'll get instant access to five 90-minute course sessions ready for you to
access on your own schedule! We will suggest a pace that will work for your
busy life, go as fast or as slow as you want. You can "binge listen" and
accelerate your transformation process, or pace yourself out. It's totally your
choice, this self-paced program is the ultimate flexibility.

BONUS Two 90-minute LIVE Illumination Calls (Valued at $300 each) These
live Q+A calls are also recorded for your easy listening late. You'll be able to
submit questions in advance so you can get the answers you need. You can
participate in these calls from anywhere with a telephone or internet
connection. You will be in the presence of a supportive global community of
women and you will have the opportunity to benefit from their questions and
experiences. Can't make the Q+A call? Just listen to the recordings, no
problem. Johnny and Lara are well-known for their depth and direct answers
to your most heart-felt questions. You won't want to miss this opportunity to
have them answer your questions live!

Guided Practice and Reflection Questions for each week. Stay on track with
this handy resource specifically designed to help you move further along in
your journey. Use it to get deeper into the material and create results
effortlessly and quickly.

Plus you'll get these incredible exciting bonuses:

Transcripts of Each Module (Value: $149)

So you can truly go through the course at your own pace. You'll never have to worry about forgetting something, as it's all there in front of you.

Feminine Radiance Booster Hypnotherapy Program (Value: $149)

In this exciting 5-part audio series, Lara and Johnny, with help from a certified clinical hypnotherapist, will guide you through a special program that will help you become a more radiant, and more attractive woman automatically. Simply listening to any or all of these audios will quiet the part of your mind that keeps you stuck in your old habits and block your femininity. The program will work with your subconscious mind to help you step into your power, evolve out of your unhealthy patterns of compromise, controlling caretaking, so you can move towards the life and love that you deserve. You can listen to one or all of them as often as you like, the more you use them, the more naturally and easily you'll be feminine and radiant!

A Complimentary Ticket to our Premier Feminine Transformation Event (Value: $895)

"If you are at all enthusiastic about finding your soulmate, you can in no way let this opportunity pass you by!..." M., San Francisco, CA.

The total immersion experience for single, conscious women who deeply desire soulmate love, making it finally possible to...follow a fast proven step-by-step path to break through your fears, worries, and blocks to soulmate love in a truly safe, supportive and accepting community AND have fun doing it.

In one unforgettable weekend, you will break
free of your past, create a new future, and
change your love life forever.

Here's the thing.
We want to be with you every step of the way,
on your journey to becoming the woman
you're meant to be.

Step 1

Step 1 is to unblock your radiant femininity so you can be truly comfortable with yourself, and attracted to the opportunities and people you'll need to achieve your dreams. This is what Feminine Radiance and Courage is designed to do.

And if you want to take it a step further, we have an exciting optional bonus for you as well...

Step 2

Step 2 is to help you find your prince charming.
That's right, we want to finally help you meet
and begin a relationship with the man of your
. For that to happen, you need to go
through the process of uncovering why he's not
in your life already, and what needs to happen
to attract him to you. This is what the Love
Breakthrough Weekend
does. It turns on your
soulmate magnet, so your true love is
compelled to come into your life.

And that's why, when you invest in Feminine Radiance & Courage, you get an OPTIONAL complimentary ticket to the Love Breakthrough Weekend of your choice.

All you need to do is put down a $50 refundable
seat deposit
so we know you're coming,
and your place is secured.

(you get the $50 back as soon as you walk into the Weekend)

You can come and enjoy a weekend of self-care in a
truly safe, supportive and accepting community while
having tons of fun.

By the end of the weekend, you'll truly be on
the path to bringing your soulmate
into your life.

Are you willing to invest in embracing and unlocking your inner feminine goddess?

Good, because we're going to make it a
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The regular retails price for Feminine Radiance & Courage is $599,
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You see, putting together and delivering a course like this takes a huge amount
of effort and planning so we want to be as sure as possible that you're going to
USE every part of it and get the results you're after.

That's why, if you act quickly we'll reward you with such a heavily
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Regular Tuition $599.00

Early Bird Special SAVE OVER 50%!


Wednesday, March 30th, 2016 at 11:00pm PST




We want to make it a Totally No-Risk Investment in yourself for you right now. We're confident that if you show up fully, listen to every class and Illumination Q & A, apply the principles and teachings you learned in this course, you will have breakthroughs and you will grow in ways that you could have never imagined. We also know that if you do the work and put in the time, you'll feel more confident about yourself, men, and your love life going forward.

If for some reason you complete all the work, give it your fullest commitment of self, and you're the first woman to miss out on the amazing experience you've been craving, haven't made any new discoveries about yourself, men, or love, then simply send us your completed journals of work within 90 days of your purchase and we'll refund your entire investment. You see, there's Zero Risk, and so much reward that's available to you.

If you believe there's even the slightest chance that Feminine
Radiance & Courage could help you, and considering it's
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A quick word of warning


Like all these things, it's tempting to believe that this is just another class, that
maybe it's not the right time, and there'll be another opportunity just around the
corner. The truth is, you've got to stop denying yourself, you've got to be good to
, and now is the only time to do that. If you don't draw a line in the sand
and decide you're going to start taking your happiness seriously, no one else will.

The question is, how much longer do you want to miss out on being the radiant
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Radiance and courage,

Johnny & Lara

P.S. As my grandmother always told me: "The definition of insanity is doing the
same thing over and over again and hoping for a different result." If you want a
different result in your life, if you want to restore that missing piece of feminine
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and happiness you know you deserve, then you need to do
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Feminine Radiance & Courage is something different. It's an opportunity to
disover and experience this proven "Feminine Radiance Restoration Process"
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Feminine Radiance and Courage can, in just 21 days, help you finally get on the path
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goddess you are inside.

And you'll want to consider this - this is your one and only chance to interact live
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After this intake of students, Feminine Radiance & Courage will be entirely
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  • This is your ONLY chance to get live access to Johnny and Lara with
    Feminine Radiance & Courage so you can get your questions
    answered AND...

  • It's also your ONLY change for a complimentary ticket to join us live
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    new-found inner radiance, you'll break through your hidden blocks
    to love and become a real-life soulmate magnet.

Click the link below and secure your place before it disappears.


P.P.S Still have a few questions? Here are answeres to the most commonly
asked questions...

Q. WHO is this training for?

A. This program is for wonderful yet oh-so-busy women who are ready for a big change in their personal, professional, or love lives. They might be close to burnout and life feels overwhleming and stressful. They hear themselves say, "I'm too busy" or "I'm feeling overwhelmed" several times a day, almost every day. They perhaps heard that they can get better results if they tapped into their feminine energy. If you're a busy, single woman who feel stuck on a hamster wheel, out of touch with her femininity and desperate to find the life and love that is more aligned with who she really is, then this is for you. We'll help you discover how to tap into you femininity and attract the life and man you've always dreamed of. Simple as that.

Q. I'm so tired of false promises. Will this really work?

A. No false promises here. In fact, the only promise I can make is that if you don't start discovering your inner femininity and living a radiant and courageous life, you will likely live at a level far less than you deserve. More exhaustion. More genderless robot living. More of the same old get it.

Q. Why should I listen to Johnny & Lara?

A. When investing in programs, it's important to take into account who developed the program. Ask yourself if they have the results you'd like to achieve. This entire program has been made by a soulmate couple who actually lives the stuff! We've been married for over 15 years and we've helped thousands of women in the past decade learn how to attract the life of their dreams with their soulmate by their side. So not only is this program based on real-life principles we actually live by, but it also takes into account the experiences of thousands of women around the world who are on the same journey as you - being the best version of themselves, and living the life of their dreams.

Q. You seem like the perfect couple, with the perfect life...are you for real?

A.Yes, we are for real. Everything is not perfect, but we have cracked the code, so to speak, to making modern life work for both of us, in a way that allows Lara to be feminine, Johnny to be masculine, and our relationship to continue to thrive...Johnny always says "Happy wife = happy life" and that all started with Lara being happy using the process we teach here. Not to mention we have spent countless hours researching the subject, reflecting on what's working and what's not working in our lives and the lives of our clients, as well as noticing what's present and missing in other courses, programs and books on this subject. (and we found LOTS missing!)

Q. I'm totally busy right now. I don't think I have time for a course.

A. We know you're busy. That's why we've made it so easy to fit our course into your schedule. This is a home learning course, so you can do it at your own pace, whatever that pace is. If you want to binge consume the course and do it all in a weekend, that's fine. If you want to do it in 30-minute incrememts over a couple of weeks or even months, that's also fine. You have UNLIMITED access to the course forever. So you can squeeze these lessons in wherever they work for you. Besides, you're going to want to come back to these again and again as you progress on your journey. If you don't think you can fit in time to learn about how to become the radiant, feminine, beautiful woman you know you are inside and start attracting the life and love of your dreams, then you're not running your life, your life is running you, and our Feminine Radiance & Courage course is going to be a life-saver for you!

Q. It's not the right time for me right now. Can i just invest in this training later?

A. Sure. You can definitely do it later. However, when we offer this course in the future, there will be no live access to Johnny and Lara, so you won't be able to directly ask questions. What's more, the price will probably be a lot higher (more than double). Besides, if you're waiting for a time in your life when you are not busy, not with a full schedule and not with a lot going'll be waiting loooooooong time. So waiting to invest in this training "later" is risky. Not to mention the opportunities you're missing out on entering your life because you're not getting started on your journey right now.

Q. Will this actually work in the real world?

A. In the real world, there is the feminine and masculine energy. THis program is all about learning how to get the most out of the feminine and masculine energy - because BOTH are needed for real-world success. Since most women approach these energies as "either/or" they miss out on experiencing the power that comes from living in their feminine radiance and accessing their masculine energy as needed, but not living there. This program does NOT have airy-fairy, pie-in-the-sky concepts that simply do not work in the real world. This entire program is based on real-life, down to earth principles that work for busy, professional women who want to gain more control over their lives, and joy in their soul.

Q. Who developed this program?

A. This course has been designed, developed, and lef by Johnny and Lara Fernandez. Dr. Lara is a woman who lives an authenti life in her feminine radiance and courage. Not only does she lead businesses, she is also a great mother to their wonderful teenage daughter (whom they are home-schooliing), plus she has also attracted the love of her life, Johnny. Johnny and Lara are a real life soulmate couple who have been together for 15 years. So you can rest assured that everything taught in the course is based on practical toold and principles that allow you to have a great professional life ANDhave a happy, vibrant relationship with a quality man.

Q. Can the Love Breakthrough Weekend REALLY Change My Life?

A. The short answer is yes it can, and the reason why is simple...

The weekend is all about helping you become the person you’ve always wanted to be. The experience is specifically designed to guide you through the process of finding the hidden blocks preventing you from being your full self, shining a light on them and working through them so they are no longer holding you back, allowing you to finally consciously attract your soulmate.

Throughout the weekend you’ll be fully immersed in a loving, supportive and accepting environment where you can create BIG change in your love life in a very short time. Free from the distractions and hassles of day to day life, you’ll get the quality “me time” you’ve been craving to.

Q. What does my free ticket to the Love Breakthrough Weekend get me? Do I get the full experience?

A.You get everything, you get the full experience. All the same things people who pay for a ticket get. The $50 deposit you pay in advance is given straight back to you the moment you walk into the weekend, so your ticket really is free.

Q. Where do I stay for the Love Breakthrough Weekend? Do I need to book accommodation?

A.The Love Breakthrough Weekend is held at the Courtyard Marriott in San Jose, California. It is easily accessible from San Jose airport, Oakland airport and San Francisco airport as well. We have secured you discounted rates on rooms at the hotel and will give you details of how to access this once you claim your ticket.

Q. When is the Love Breakthrough Weekend?

A.We only do two live events a year. You can choose to join us on April 23rd-24th or May 14th-15th.

Q. Do I need to go to the Love Breakthrough Weekend to get good results from Feminine Radiance and Courage?

A.The Love Breakthrough Weekend is an optional extra. It will make the process of finding your soulmate faster and easier, but we appreciate live events are not for everyone and it can be difficult to fit them around your commitments. So, two things:

- Feminine Radiance and Courage give you everything you need to overcome the "Hidden Forces" blocking you from attracting your soulmate. If you work the program and follow it honestly and with an open heart, integrating it into your life, you'll begin attracting your soulmate. It's a really easy and fun way to go through this process.

- Love Breakthrough Weekend is a fast, fun and intensive way to internalize the things you need to turn on your soulmate magnet and attract him faster than you ever thought possible. In other words, it help you get clear on exactly what sort of man you want and teaches you how to make the process of finding him as fast as possible. Overall, it speeds everything up, but it's an optional extra for those of you who want more personal help.


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