Your approach to love is outdated. Here’s what to do about it. (Step 5 of 5)



This is the 5th in a series of 5 Steps to Soul-Stirring Love in 2023. Keep an eye on this blog for the other steps.

This might be hard to hear… but you’ve been LIED to about love this whole time. And that has seriously screwed up your approach to love. So what can you do about it?

The Lie at the Heart of Your Approach to Love

You’ve been taught that as long as you focus on your education and your career, true love and marriage will just happen without you having to do much about it.

But that’s the old way of thinking. And it used to be true, to a certain extent. 

Finding love and marriage used to be easier than it is right now in the 2020s.

Life was less complex, with fewer distractions.

It’s really easy, especially post-pandemic, to go whole months without meeting anyone new or someone special.

But meanwhile… precious and irreplaceable YEARS go by.

And maybe, you’re starting to worry if true love is going to happen for you at all.

Sometimes, it crosses your mind that maybe your single status has more to do with you than you thought. 

Yes… it does have a lot to do with your beliefs and behaviors around dating, men, relationships, and love.

AND… it has a lot to do with society and the culture you’re in.

There are no role models of healthy, functional, emotionally-sound relationships in the media most women consume.

The music you listen to, the Netflix shows you watch, the movies on the big screen are all conditioning us for toxic relationships.

And there are very few healthy relationship role models in our families these days. 

More than ever, children are being raised by single mothers, so if that’s you, you literally saw NO relationships at home. 

And we all know those family members who stayed married for 50+ years… but they were miserable.

Whether it’s the bad relationships on screen, no relationship role models at home, or bad relationships that make you think true and healthy love isn’t real…

This is why you need to shift your life with a new approach to love.

A whole new way of looking at dating, mating and relating.

What Is This New Approach to Love?

You need to start looking at your love life as a personal growth opportunity. It’s about seeing dating as more than just a numbers game of luck.

Finding love in the 2020s has got to be more than just “getting out there more”. That approach doesn’t work. And you know it, because you’ve tried it already, to no avail.

Trying to find love these days is frustrating, confusing, and disappointing… if you don’t have a mentor.

Think about it: In your whole life up until now, in the areas of life that really matter to you, you hired a mentor to help you, right?

In college, you invested time, energy and money into classes, professors and guidance counselors to steer you in the right direction and learn what you needed to learn.

For your career, you invest time, energy and money to stay at the top of your game in your profession. That’s what successful people do.

They leverage their time and go for the BEST instead of just trying to get by.

Successful people realize that they simply don’t have the years and years of personal experience to waste to get to their goals. There is no time to make all the mistakes themselves. They know they have to lean on other people’s experience and expertise so they’ll get to their goals faster and less painfully.

How To Make a Significant Change

If you’re reading this, you’re here for a reason. I believe it’s because true love, marriage and family matter to you. You’re here because you deeply desire that REAL connection with a REAL man… for the rest of your life.

You’ve tried the old approach of dating apps, reading a book, TedTalk and YouTube “solutions”, even blogs like this (!)….

You’ve watched enough Married At First Sight, Love Island, The Bachelorette, Love is Blind, and on and on. And you’ve followed enough love experts on Instagram and YouTube and pored over their information for years now.

But nothing’s really changing, is it? At least, not changing fast enough. The solution you seek isn’t in consuming more information.

Though resources like books, blogs, and podcasts can be a great starting point to begin to think differently about love, they are NOT a long term solution or solid strategy to find love, nor will they give you total transformation in your love life.

If that really were the answer, you’d be happily married to the love of your life right now.

What you need isn’t more information, what you need is TRANSFORMATION.

And that doesn’t happen without an expert coach and mentor who’s walked the walk, and whose lived experience proves they know what they’re talking about.

This is what it’s gonna take in today’s dating world.

Investing in yourself and your dreams, taking your dreams of love seriously enough so that the man you attract is a reflection of your own deep commitment. 

It starts with YOU. 

Admitting to yourself that your approach to love isn’t working, and then getting expert help.

That’s what we’re here for. Want to see what that looks like? Explore our signature program True Love At Last, and hear from some ladies whose lives have had a complete metamorphosis. And if you haven’t read Step #4, find it here.