Tired of Being Single AF – Here’s What to Do

A woman, tired of being single, resting her head in her hands.

Are you tired of being single? Sick of going in circles in your dating life? Always dating the same type of crappy guy over and over and over? You’re probably wondering WTF is going on, or if something is “wrong” with you. Well, here’s the tough truth: there’s nothing wrong with YOU as a person. […]

What to Do When Men Think Differently Than Women

A freeway exit sign saying "Understanding, next exit" because men think differently than women.

Moments throughout every day show you that men think differently than women, but that doesn’t need to confuse or frustrate you! I’m reminded of this all the time when I think of instances with Johnny. The Best Examples are in the Small Things I was reflecting on a Friday afternoon not that long ago. It […]