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Most frequent questions and answers

Johnny & Lara have been love coaching since 2005, which is well before it was the new trendy thing online. As founders of the Feminine Radiance & Courage Institute they have the experience, results, and research to prove they’re the real deal. They’ve helped thousands of women from all walks of life learn exactly how they can actually have the true love, marriage, and family they’re aching for. Johnny & Lara have also had so many clients ask them to perform their wedding ceremony that they became licensed to do it and have happily married many clients! Although they can no longer do that because of the high demand.

When we first started as two of the world’s first “love coaches” over 18 years ago barely anyone knew what a love coach was. That’s not the case these days. It seems like everywhere you turn you see another “certified” love or dating coach. Most of them are single themselves, so they might have some fancy piece of paper, but they’ve got no actual results in their life. 


Most people actually don’t go to love coaches, they listen to family and friends. And yet…most people are terribly unhappy with their love lives, and what may sound great when talking over wine, does not actually pan out in real life. Maybe you’ve found that already. Becoming a Student of Love with FRCI means NOT doing what most people do, but doing what SUCCESSFUL people do-learn from experts about a topic that’s important to you. If true love, marriage, and family really IS important to you and you don’t have any more time to waste, then we invite you to ask these questions when considering who to listen to or where to get your love education.

Wow. You have no idea how often we get this question, so we figured we’d handle it here. We understand how important it is. For Johnny, it’s Pumpkin Pie. It’s a lot like the Bean Pie he had on the streets of New York City growing up. For Lara, it’s Apple Pie. All American, can’t go wrong, her grandmother made some scrumptious Apple Pie when she was growing up in Florida. You see? You and your soulmate may have different tastes, but as long as you are with the right person for you, it’ll all be pretty yummy. Now, let’s get busy helping you find the right flavor for you. We look forward to meeting you – and helping you with your pie… and your guy!

Our Live Workshops Model

Johnny’s professional experience of over 20 years in education and curriculum creations means this isn’t just a “talking at you” event. Lara’s warm and friendly, yet powerful and unique, teaching style has women changing their experience of themselves in minutes. It’s an experience led by expert love coaches who are dedicated to your growth. We offer interactive coaching, personalized guidance, and practical tools that empower you to take an active part in your journey in a way you likely haven’t before. With nearly two decades of experience and thousands of happy clients, you can rest assured that this powerful key step in your love life turnaround will be well worth your investment of time and money. 

Unlike more generic self-help resources, this workshop was created specifically for women seeking lasting self-love, healing, and a clear path forward (not a vague send-off like many books give). With live expert guidance and the ability to ask questions-and learn from others’ questions- you’ll get the specific help for you that will make an immediate impact and you’ll feel it right there in the live workshop. You simply can’t get that from a book or a Ted Talk, YouTube video, or podcast.

We understand that vulnerability can be uncomfortable or even intimidating for many people. Our workshops offer a safe and supportive space for you to explore your feelings at your own pace. You’re not obligated to share more than you’re comfortable with.

A laptop or desktop and a good internet connection. That’s it! Since it’s a LIVE on Zoom workshop event, having a basic laptop camera in a well lit and private place would make it ideal. 

Working With a Love Coach

We understand that you’re busy. So many demands of your career, plus you might be a single mom or have other family obligations, you’re always trying to get ahead, on and on it goes. Burning the candle at both ends, with barely any time to breathe. We get it. And since we ONLY work with successful professional women, we really, really do get it. 


But you’re also spending some time worrying about your future, ruminating on questions like, Will I ever have a family? Will I end up dying alone? What’s wrong with men these days? Or even, what’s wrong with me? All of this among other worries. This is time that is generally wasted, especially if it’s been going on for years.


You probably see where we’re going with this AND…if nothing changes, nothing changes. If you don’t have time for a 3-hour workshop, or a few hours a week for 10 weeks to change your love life and relationship readiness, then…you may not really have time to BE in a relationship. 


Being in a relationship will take time. Doesn’t it make sense to start investing that time now so you can make sure you get into the RIGHT relationship? One that will last? Our 3-hour live workshop is just that–3 hours. Our signature program, True Love At Last, is 10 weeks and requires a few hours a week. A real relationship will take more time than that. Start with a 3-hour workshop (learn about and register for the next one here) and go from there. 

Awesome! We’re all about blasting through what’s been holding you back and accelerating toward the life that you want as fast as possible. And…we go step by step. First, register for and attend one of our 3-hour live workshops (learn more and register here). Second, in that workshop you’ll hear all about our signature program-True Love At Last (and get a great deal on the tuition since you attended the workshop), so you can transform your love life and prepare for the love and life you want in just 10 weeks, so that you’ll be headed for-you guessed it-True Love At Last! Third, keep hope alive by acknowledging yours for showing up here and seeing a solution for something that is clearly very important to you. If that’s the right relationship with the right man, if that’s true love, marriage, and family then take the first step and let’s get you there as fast as possible. (You already know how fast that is on your own, you’re here because you want to go faster and be more effective.)

It’s actually both-personalized 1-on-1 and a community model. Most programs designed for women are less effective than they could be, and don’t work for many women, for one simple reason: they’re still being taught through the lens of “the masculine model” (which is usually in isolation and very competitive). 


As Lara always says, “we women learn better when we are in an innovative learning environment of collaboration and community”. Instead of learning through the “masculine style” of teaching and learning, Johnny and Lara both teach in a way that reflects this feminine community model, using whole brain learning techniques, engagement, and inclusion. 


By hearing others in a ready-made community of only women, women who “get” what you’re up to, and are excited to be taking those next steps themselves, you’re not only tapping into a more heart-centered model of learning, you’re getting that extra boost that only comes from learning what you don’t know in a natural, gentle, fully engaged and fun setting. When women are collaborating and connecting, rather than competing in isolation, they learn faster, it’s more fun, and it heals the secret wounds of isolation and loneliness that are rampant these days.

First, by recognizing that you’re here for a reason. And it’s NOT because there’s anything wrong with you, it’s because you’re wanting MORE in your life, you’re ready for more in your life, and you aren’t willing to settle. So…CONGRATULATIONS – that’s awesome! After that, you’ll get more out of any learning by being 100% present, open to new ideas, and ready for change in your life. You’ll also want to make sure you have the right mindset and the right attitude. 


When learning with us live on Zoom or live in person we teach in a total immersion, community-based, interactive learning style, so that you’ll effortlessly absorb way more than in the same-old “PowerPoint snooze” lectures or boring talks. Of course, you’ll absorb only what you’re truly ready for and needing to hear. The best part? Because this happens in an environment of like-minded women you realize just how normal your feelings and experiences are, and get an even bigger boost along your journey to finding that once-in-a-lifetime love.

The Hard Questions

If you’ve worked really hard before only to fall short, you’re far closer than you think! We’re not here to convince you that you should attend our programs asap, we’re here to show you what’s possible (see our Success Stories page) for you. Not only is our curriculum based on our personal experience (of Lara attracting Johnny), but also research, and now the experience of 1000’s of women that we’ve taught over the last 18+ years. Quite a few women began working with us after “trying everything else” and getting to the point of being almost hopeless about their prospects for love. While we don’t know you or your life, we do know that many women have gone from hopeless and alone to engaged or married in a year or less once they made the commitment to themselves and our program. If they can do it, you can too.


Excellent question. In fact, like-minded women who say they’ve felt overwhelmed, suddenly find themselves feeling freed from the trap of information overload, because we’ve invested more than 18+ years in designing material that cuts out the “fluff”, and shows you a fast, proven, step-by-step path to break through your worries, fears and blocks to soulmate love. So you can finally stop hoping and waiting, and start attracting your soulmate. 


Many women who start working with us report feeling relieved that they are finally on a proven path and find they have MORE time and attention available to devote to what really matters to them. This isn’t about “more shyt to do” it’s about cutting out what you’re doing that’s actually hurting your love life and just wasting your time, and installing new skills and habits that will propel you forward to the life and love that you want.

Wouldn’t it be great if everything we wanted to happen just organically and easily unfolded before us? Listen, some people meet the love of their lives at 18, get married, and live happily ever after. That hasn’t been our journey, nor for the women that we serve. All of our clients have lived life, maybe been married and divorced (maybe a few times), had heartbreak, and…developed some unhelpful habits that are driving their love lives from bad to worse. 


If you had studied this subject in school, maybe this wouldn’t be happening. But you didn’t learn this in school. How to prepare for, be attracted to, and be attractive to a high quality, commitment minded, masculine man for true love, marriage, and family forever? Didn’t take that class in school? Nah, didn’t think so. This is the education you wished you got in school- rather than all that calculus and trigonometry (apologies to our engineering clients who are very happy they learned that stuff)-but you can now, and not a moment too soon.

As an intelligent woman, you know that no one can guarantee your future, except you. What we do know is that what we’re doing must work, because after 18 years and thousands of happy clients, we have more success stories than most love coaches have ever had clients. We can guarantee you this-if you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting what you’ve always gotten. We offer a different path. If your way isn’t working, we encourage you to consider that it’s not really a guarantee you’re looking for-it’s results. Our unique approach and carefully laid out path produces results. Check out some of them here.

Yes, we can, with a big caveat. With our proven path and expert guidance, we’re going to be putting the focus on YOU, not your man. We’ve helped many clients who have magnetized the right man for them through doing the inner work in our programs and navigating the dating and early relationship waters towards engagement, marriage, and the life of their dreams.

Most likely, yes, we can. Married couples these days are facing more challenges than ever before, so it’s no surprise that it can feel so hard to keep a good marriage staying good. While we are not marriage counselors or marriage therapists, our lived experience is that of our own marriage, which is still getting BETTER after two decades, even in the face of challenges such as having children, family drama, money drama, health situations. We’ve also helped clients -some came to us on the brink of divorce- turn things around to actually have a healthy, passionate, loving relationship where each person thrives with healthy masculine-feminine dynamics. Our experience allows us to coach from a place of walking the talk, as they say. And we’ve definitely seen magic and miracles happen!

Disclaimer: We are *not* marriage counselors or therapists, nor do we pretend to be. If you’re in a relationship with the right man for you, our expertise is focusing on helping YOU recognize the power you have to establish and navigate your marriage in a way where everybody wins. If you didn’t even know you had this power, then we’d love to help you step into your power!

"We fully believe in every woman’s ability to transcend the boundaries of ordinary existence, step out of her comfort zone, and embrace the extraordinary."