Feeling the Holiday Dating Blues? Here’s What To Do


Hey there, Dr. Lara here. I’m writing today to give you some hope for the new year during this time of holiday dating blues. And of course, with a dash of tough love just to keep it real.

So, the holiday season is here. The twinkling lights, the cozy fires, all the festive cheer… but there’s something missing, right? You’re staring down yet another holiday season without your soulmate. And it sucks.

You’re probably feeling frustrated (or even angry) because you REALLY wanted to be with your soulmate by now. Maybe you even promised to yourself when you rang in the new year this past January that it would be your last year alone… yet here you are.

But let’s think for a minute. Why did that happen? WHY is it that this year turned out just like the rest?

Why Holiday Dating Makes You Feel Stuck 

You’re not unlucky, and you’re not broken. There are real, concrete reasons that your love life hasn’t moved forward significantly since you rang in the new year on January 1st.

The good news? This is FIXABLE, and turn-around-able. Here’s a few reasons why your love life has felt so stagnant this year:

  • You’re trying the same approaches to love over and over. Even though you already know they don’t change things long-term. Maybe you read books about finding love, listened to podcasts, watched youtube videos, or just swiped through dating apps in your free time.
  • You’re putting love on the back burner, in favor of your career, your kids or other familial obligations. All those things are super important, of course. But what about your other dreams? True love, marriage, family? Those are important too.
  • You’re wandering through your journey to love. That means trying haphazard quick fixes, instead of following a proven, time-tested PATH and a PLAN that will lead you to soulmate love. Some people are lucky enough to find love without any effort. But most of us need to put more attention towards this area of our life. And when you do, you’ll see it pay off faster than you think.

And listen, I know you’re sick of the games of the dating world. You’ve been there, done that, and you’re ready for something REAL now. It’s that soulmate love you’ve always wanted.

But here’s the thing: wishing and hoping and praying for things to change isn’t gonna cut it. But here’s what DOES work.

How To Make Next Year YOUR Year For Love

Like I said before, the things that are holding your love life back are CHANGEABLE. You have FULL control over your love life. Only you can start to build habits that will lead you to the love and life you want.

Action kills anxiety. So if you’re feeling the holiday dating blues this year, I highly recommend taking some action to change your love life NOW instead of waiting until the new year.

And you know what’s amazing? If you start making shifts in your love life NOW, then by January 1st you’ll already be WAY ahead of most people. After all, that’s when people are JUST starting to think about New Year’s resolutions. But you’ll already have made life-changing decisions and built habits that support, not sabotage, your dreams of true love.

And what’s even better is that by this time next year, you could be cozying up by the fire with your soulmate, instead of being frustrated with yourself yet again for letting another precious year pass by.

So don’t let the next year go by like this one did. Why? Because you deserve it. And because there really IS a path to love that works. Not just for me, but for thousands of other women just like you, too.

Taking The First Step Towards A New Life

I, along with my amazing husband Johnny, have been coaching professional women to find lifelong love since 2005. We’ve seen magic and miracles happen for them, and you absolutely can be next.

If you’re interested in following a proven, time-tested, empowering, and FUN path to love, click HERE to get started.

Next year can be YOUR year for love- and that starts now. And I promise you, it’s going to be worth it.