Spark the game-changing difference in your true love journey.

Ascend to the Unprecedented with Love Warrior Life Inner Circle Mastermind

Dare to defy convention, to harness your empowerment and forge an existence that surpasses the ordinary. Fully embody the dreams that pulse within your heart. Through Johnny & Lara’s personal invitation only, step up into the Inner Circle and embrace your calling as a catalyst for positive change in the world.

Amplify Your Trajectory Towards All Peak Desires

The Inner Circle mastermind stands as the zenith, a beacon guiding you toward a life that not only fulfills, but flourishes. Propel yourself toward the culmination of your dreams – swift, effortless realization, profound connections with both coaches and fellow Love Warriors, an abundance of goodness, boundless flow, and endless joy. 

This is an opportunity exclusive to those who desire the highest level of peak performance expert guidance and are decisive and resourceful beyond measure. It’s available to graduates of The Love Launch Program only.

Optimize Every Facet of Your Existence

Bid farewell to the former version of yourself and embrace the evolution you’re destined for. Our teachings transcend the ordinary here, fostering your complete metamorphosis. Shed every vestige of what no longer serves you and boldly claim your triumphant life. This is your moment to ascend to the next level, transcending not only your dating and relationships but your entire existence. The path we lay is one of reinvention and victorious transformation.

Learn the hidden secrets of Lifestyle Design so you can have peace, passion, and balance in your life and all your relationships. From your sweetheart to your children, to your professional connections or your business… Inner Circle is about learning exactly how to have it all. And how to make it all work with less effort and stress than you can possibly imagine right now. Magic and Miracles are normalized in Inner Circle. And you develop mastery over your entire life that leaves others in awe of how easy, love-filled, and joyful your life is.

Live a life beyond your wildest dreams as our guidance helps ensure your relationship, career, finances, parenting, and family and friends relationships are always Spiraling Up. Inner Circle isn’t just a journey; it’s an odyssey to the extraordinary, a realm where you master your destiny and embody the remarkable life you were born to live, be the woman you’ve always dreamed of, and enjoy your life like never before. This is a Women’s Excellence Mastermind for women who are all about embodying excellence in every aspect of their lives. 

true love at last

Boost Your Confidence with Men and Fix Your Picker with Our Signature Program

True Love at Last, enters and completely exceeds the love-coaching standard. It's for women that want the best, and won't settle for less.

Boost Your Confidence with Men and Fix Your Picker with Our Signature Program


the love launch program

Catalyze Your Momentum with The Love Launch Program

Welcome to the next level of transformation – The Love Launch Program. It's available to graduates of True Love At Last only. The Love Launch Program is your gateway to amplifying the momentum of your newly blossoming love journey and infusing it into every corner of your life.

Catalyze Your Momentum with The Love Launch Program


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