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Catalyze Your Momentum with The Love Launch Program

“Keep your attention on your intention.” This is the guiding mantra for extraordinary women who have changed the entire direction of their love life in the True Love at Last program.

Welcome to the next level of transformation – The Love Launch Program. It’s available to graduates of True Love At Last only.

The Love Launch Program is your gateway to amplifying the momentum of your newly blossoming love journey and infusing it into every corner of your life. With a profound understanding that healthy masculine-feminine dynamics in your relationship is a foundation for holistic fulfillment, this program offers a holistic approach that uplifts your spirit, empowers your actions, and radiates positive energy so true love can only grow.

Pillar One: Elevating Mentoring and Coaching

Imagine having the brilliant guidance of Johnny and Lara, the North Star of love and relationship wisdom, guiding your path. The Love Launch Program merges the power of community learning, one-on-one coaching, and the precision of turn-by-turn coaching for your specific situation and circumstances. This unique fusion provides you with personalized insights and actionable strategies, ensuring you navigate your journey with clarity and purpose.

Pillar Two: Daily Nourishment

We believe in the power of daily inspiration. That’s why The Love Launch Program offers you a constant source of support, ensuring your love journey remains at the forefront of your life. In a physical workbook you’ll find daily insights, practices, and motivational content that keep your intention aligned with your actions, creating a consistent flow of positive energy, guided self-realization insights, and powerful love preparation habits that literally recondition you for soulmate love, and nothing less.

Pillar Three: Transformational Events

The Love Launch Program introduces immersive in-person experiences that propel your transformation to new heights. Through our Live Luxury Learning Retreats immersion events, you’ll embark on journeys of self-discovery, empowerment, and profound connection. These events strengthen you, inform you, and empower you to unleash your true potential in life and love. And they’re more fun than you can possibly imagine, with wonderful warm-hearted Love Warriors from all over the world.

Pillar Four: Vibrant Community Connection

“Environment is stronger than willpower.” – Yogananda

Connect with a vibrant community of warm-hearted women who share your vision for love and growth. The Love Launch Program creates a nurturing environment that reinforces your intentions and empowers your journey. Together, we stand strong, each step resonating with collective energy, strengthening your resolve and preparation to create a love story beyond your wildest dreams. Those already in a relationship will find guidance to make sure they don’t self sabotage a good thing, put the relationship on a solid foundation, and keep the relationship thriving.

The Love Launch Program isn’t just about igniting a love life; it’s about igniting an entire existence brimming with love, purpose, and fulfillment. With each pillar carefully crafted to elevate your journey, you’re poised to launch into a life you’ve always desired, and foster a love that’s nothing short of extraordinary.

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Boost Your Confidence with Men and Fix Your Picker with Our Signature Program

True Love at Last, enters and completely exceeds the love-coaching standard. It's for women that want the best, and won't settle for less.

Boost Your Confidence with Men and Fix Your Picker with Our Signature Program


love warrior life Inner Circle mastermind

Ascend to the Unprecedented with Love Warrior Life Inner Circle Mastermind

Dare to defy convention, to harness your empowerment and forge an existence that surpasses the ordinary. Fully embody the dreams that pulse within your heart. Through Johnny & Lara’s personal invitation only, step up into the Inner Circle and embrace your calling as a catalyst for positive change in the world.

Ascend to the Unprecedented with Love Warrior Life Inner Circle Mastermind


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