The #1 Thing That Will Magnetize Soulmate Love (Step 1 of 5)



This is the first in a series of 5 Steps to Soul-Stirring Love in 2023. Keep an eye on this blog for the other steps.

When I say magnetize soulmate love, those are some strong words. But it’s not some fantasy. It’s not an “only for some people” situation. It can be for you and it can be for now. Here’s the first step to make it happen.

When You Magnetize Soulmate Love

I am so incredibly jazzed to be heading home after a romantic getaway with Johnny to Sedona. It’s such a magical healing vortex of amazingness!

We hiked the radiant red rocks. 

Ate organic hippie food (my favorite!). 

Got a delightful couples massage. 

Enjoyed a powerful healing energy session. 

Had acupuncture that worked miracles.

Made passionate love to each other.


And throughout the whole 3-day weekend, what kept coming up for me as I basked in these utterly perfect moments was two specific questions: 

  • Why was I able to intentionally attract the RIGHT man for me?
  • What was it about me that allowed me to find and keep the love of my life and create a loving family with him?

When Your Love Life History Is a Mess

My personal history does not look like it should have led me to magnetize soulmate love.

I came from a divorced family when I was young.

My mom and dad, though wonderful people who loved me, had drama in their relationships throughout their entire lives (may they both rest in peace).

I got married and divorced quickly at 19 after much drama and heartache.

Throughout my 20’s, I kept attracting commitment phobes, liars, ghosters, and players.

And so did most of my single girlfriends. 

We used to go out for Girls Night Out and talk about our love lives. They were full of men and toxic cycles of breakups and heartaches that never seemed to end.

It was, well…painful. And frustrating. 

But you know what? We were all incredible women, just like you.

Professionals. Accomplished.

Well-traveled. Educated. Intelligent.

Beautiful, and we took good care of ourselves physically.

But over the years, nothing was clicking for us when it came to love.

And then one day it just hit me out of the blue: 

In order to find an UNUSUAL LOVE, a FULFILLING and LASTING MARRIAGE with the RIGHT man for me…

I was going to have to DO UNUSUAL THINGS. That meant I needed to DO DATING DIFFERENTLY than I’d ever done before. 

Different from what my girlfriends and I had been doing for years.

Different from what everyone else was doing.

This showed me I was going to have to CHANGE MY WHOLE APPROACH to this dating thing.

And it dawned on me:

I was going to have to REBEL against what the culture is telling us to do in dating, mating, and relating!

When an Unusual Idea to Magnetize Soulmate Love Changes Everything

You see, we’ve all been conditioned to prioritize our education and then our career. 

Marriage and family, well that has been encouraged to just be put on the back burner of our lives. 

This message has been handed down to us by our liberated and strong mothers and grandmothers:

“Focus on your education and career, so in case you don’t have a man or he leaves you or cheats on you… you’ll always have something to fall back on.” 

Now this conditioning isn’t entirely wrong, of course.

Women should be educated, women should have a career they love and are proud of…


Women should have the CHOICE, the OPTION, of making true love, marriage and family a priority in their lives IF they want to.


That’s my point. 

I mean, what if INSTEAD of preparing yourself for having a man cheat on you, leave you, or you leave him…

What if the focus was on getting with the RIGHT man. Then on building a THRIVING relationship where no one would even dream of cheating or leaving??? 

Aha! What a concept, right?

Listen, there’s nothing wrong with you if you:

  • Prioritize finding a husband (not just any husband of course, the RIGHT man for you)
  • Want to build a strong foundation for your marriage and make your husband and family super important in your life-maybe even more important than your job
  • Want to take time off from your career or lessen your workload after having a child or children so that you can focus on raising them and fully experience motherhood

But these options above have been… kinda frowned upon for the last 50 years or so.

Challenges to Love Are Everywhere

So then what am I actually saying?

I’m saying that in order for things to change and change FAST in your love life, you’re going to have to REBEL against the societal conditioning to NOT prioritize marriage and family.

Dating is different these days than it was 20 years ago. 

It’s EXTREMELY EASY now to just STAY SINGLE, to just STAY ALONE. Or to keep dating low quality men and spinning your wheels.

That’s painful, expensive, and lonely. 

And study after study shows that people growing old alone and dying alone say that’s often their biggest regret in life. 

But by then it’s just too late.

These days there’s tons of distractions for men and tons of competition for the good ones. If you don’t have the skillset to attract a good one, you’ll stay single or have to settle.

Or, the other option is to just wait and hope for love to find you. 

Kind of like hoping to get rich by playing the lottery. Sure, somebody has to win, but do you like those odds?

Or like waiting and hoping that your college degree will find you. Uhm. No. You have to put forth effort to learn and build new skills.

It makes sense to BE A REBEL and admit to yourself that true love matters to you JUST AS MUCH AS YOUR CAREER… 

What Magnetizing Soulmate Love Requires

Are you with me? 

Because if you keep prioritizing everything else in your life, and not admitting that this matters and it matters a LOT, exactly HOW can you expect a quality man to prioritize and step up for YOU?

You simply can’t.

Time is flying by. Do you feel it?

Nobody is getting any younger, right? We know this every morning when we look in the mirror, or try to do that now suddenly way harder yoga pose.

Your energy and your focus affects your results.


If you’re ready to be a rebel and start to shift the energy and the results in your dating life, affirm with me out loud and several times a day:

I am a rebel! I am READY TO FOCUS and PRIORITIZE lasting love with the RIGHT MAN for me NOW!



You’ve just started to shift the energy in your life to start to magnetize soulmate love.

Keep saying this out loud with OOOMPH and PASSION as if you really mean it!  

Feel and acknowledge in your body what those words start lighting up within you.

Step #1 to intentionally becoming a love magnet:

Be a rebel!

Keep reading as I share Step #2 to becoming a love magnet.