Changing Lives Together

Changing Lives Together


Head Coach, Diaper Genie, Provider of Adorable Baby Photos

Hey, I’m Belinda! From an Art History Bachelor’s to a Master’s in Education from Stanford University, my journey’s been a wild ride of learning, something I never stop doing. But it took becoming a mom almost 20 years ago to set my sights on working with women. So, after a detour into classical music and a life reboot post-divorce (my endless gratitude to Johnny & Lara for that), I found myself right here with the amazing people who make Feminine Radiance & Courage Institute so powerful and effective.

I’ve been a birth doula and childbirth educator, channeling my energies into empowering women as they ushered life into the world. I was deeply honored to do this work, but life had more plans for my development. After marrying my rock Jon in 2018, Johnny & Lara tapped me to coach and help other women create the life of their dreams with their soulmate. 

My degrees and life twists seemed worlds apart, but now I see they’re the secret sauce. As FRCI’s Head Coach, I roll up my sleeves implementing curricula designed specifically for women and cheering on our incredible clients. It’s like my past doula days, but now, I’m helping women birth themselves anew!

The mission pumps me up, and our mission-aligned squad is a blast. The real gems? Our amazing clients. They’re true Love Warriors; they inspire me and keep me driven. Plus, being under the mentorship of the world’s finest love coaches keeps me sharp, personally and professionally. It’s all about women embracing journeys, chasing dreams, and healing the past to claim a future with a wonderful man.

Outside the coaching galaxy, I still think of myself as a newlywed to Jon, and we’re parenting a spectrum of ages from babyhood (our sweet girl who joined the Love Warrior family in 2022)  to young adulthood. We’re soaking in the beauty of second-time-around parenthood and grooving to the rhythm of growth. Fun tidbit? I’m a culinary school grad (once upon a time) and a seasoned orchestral double bass player (also once upon a time).