Changing Lives Together

Changing Lives Together


Podcast Producer, The Fixer of Sound, Audio Pro with a Purpose  

I’m Daniel, and for nearly a decade, I’ve been busy building experience in the digital marketing arena – a playground of local businesses, e-commerce ventures, and coaching journeys. Helping businesses flourish? It’s my game – a fantastic puzzle – and I’m all about winning it with a playful spirit.

So, how do I bring this to life here? Well, it’s all about curating and crafting podcast content that’s not just ear candy – it’s life inspirational fuel. I like to think of it as planting seeds of change in the hearts of our listeners, nudging them towards a life they’ve only dreamt of, but could absolutely be in their future.


It’s about claiming what they truly deserve. Being a part of the FRCI family goes far beyond just a mere occupation; it’s a mission-filled place that fuels my every endeavor with passion for sparking change. With every podcast decision I make, I have the chance to use my creativity and expertise to embrace the possibilities for their own lives and to not compromise on their dreams.

When I’m not behind the podcasting scenes, I’m an active soul. Give me any sport, and I’m game. Basketball, boxing – you name it, I play it. And when I’m not in motion, I’m at home, sharing laughter and making memories with my two little sidekicks – a 3-year-old dynamo and a 7-month-old bundle of joy. Oh, and my partner in crime, my wife, and I have a thing for scouting new coffee hideouts – it’s our way of savoring life’s simple pleasures together.