Changing Lives Together

Changing Lives Together


CEO, Lead Trainer, Curriculum Developer, Lead Mentor, Bringer of Dad Jokes

Picture this: a native New Yorker who has journeyed from law to love coaching, reshaping women’s lives through empowered and authentic connections. Yep, that’s me. My diverse background in law, education, and curriculum design converged into a passion for guiding single, successful women towards a meaningful relationship with their soulmate.

My legal background equipped me with vital negotiation and communication skills, enriching my insight into relationship dynamics. Teaching? It fostered empathy and adaptability, nurturing the foundation of my coaching approach. And crafting curricula sharpened my knack for providing personalized guidance, tailoring solutions to a woman’s unique neurobiology.

As a devoted basketball enthusiast and loyal Warriors supporter (before it was cool), I understand the value of commitment and consistency – qualities that mirror my coaching philosophy and leadership of the incredible team at FRCI. By blending legal finesse, pedagogical expertise, and personalized curriculum design, I create a holistic coaching experience. With an analytical yet compassionate approach, I unravel intricate emotions, offering practical, actionable advice.

More than a love coach, I am your catalyst for transformation and safe space for healing. Rooted in my diverse experiences, I empower women to build lasting, resilient connections. Together with my amazing wife Lara, we help women navigate the intricacies of love and forge a relationship that finally stands strong against the tests of time and rewrites their destiny. 

At my core, I’m a family man. Most proud of and grateful for being the father to an amazing daughter – Isabelle (#girldad) – and husband to the love of my life and woman of my dreams, Lara.