Changing Lives Together

Changing Lives Together


All-Around IT Tech Wizard, Guard Dog, The Fixer, Meme King  

My journey’s a wild ride spanning Mass Communication, Sales, and Digital Tech – the perfect concoction for the wizardry I bring to the table. With my Data Analyst superhero cape and a pioneer’s hat in Digital Services, I’m all about blending tech prowess with real-world smarts.

I’m not just about the technical stuff though; I’m about crafting solutions that fit like a glove. Whether it’s deciphering intricate tech puzzles or helping our incredible clients find their ideal partners because I made all the links work, I’m your go-to guy.

Witnessing your journeys of growth and empowerment fuels my mojo. There’s a magical satisfaction in turning sweat and bytes into tangible results. I thrive on innovation, constructing solutions from scratch and hacking my way through tech riddles – all while keeping our mission to empower women to find their soulmate front and center.

When I’m not unraveling tech enigmas, I’m in the zone – work, exercise, gaming, and scouting the coolest coffee joints in Buenos Aires. And though miles apart, family ties are my North Star. Those precious moments? They’re the fuel to my fire.

Embodying the role of the All-Around IT Tech Wizard at Feminine Radiance & Courage Institute, I actively steer positive transformation, championing authenticity and camaraderie throughout this remarkable journey, all with a heavy sprinkle of some good ol’ tech magic.