Changing Lives Together

Changing Lives Together


Message & Outreach Director, Collector of Bookmarks, Kids’ Bedtime Whisperer  

Hello, I’m Meghan, and I like to say that I’m on a people-centered journey through life. I’m enthralled by the experiences and stories of others and how we’re all connected, which led me to a Bachelor’s and Master’s in History, specializing in archival studies. Then, just to spice things up, I tossed in an MBA in arts and cultural management. Talk about a story-loving journey, right? Throughout my academic adventures, I unraveled the intricate threads that bind people and cultures through time, learning the art of communication across history and various mediums.

But it wasn’t just about soaking up tales of old. It was about fusing that wisdom with a passion for crafting messages that truly resonate. For almost a decade, I ran my own business helping clients to hone branding and messaging strategies that packed a punch. But then, the call of impact got louder, and I knew it was time to pour all my magic into one place. FRCI was that place, and its mission aligned perfectly with my values. 

At Feminine Radiance & Courage Institute, I’m devoted to helping women harness their innate potential and unleash it upon the world. I’m the architect of strategic decisions, stories, and presentations filled with triumph, community, strength, authenticity – the very essence of living life fully. And guiding this small, talented crew, nudging each other towards greater heights, is the greatest delight.

Being a part of a mission-driven team at FRCI is deeply rewarding. It’s about the joy of contributing to a positive, uplifting environment that’s all about excellence. And I’m happy to wake up every day knowing I’ll help women transform their lives, channeling my gifts so I can witness them stepping into their power, claiming their dreams, and embracing a life that was once relegated to the realm of imagination.

Stepping outside my ‘big picture’ bubble, you’ll find me living the lake life, where all sorts of animals are my neighbor. My love affair with books is real – I’m always juggling four at a time, from fantasy to memoirs, historical fiction to essays, and soaking in every word. Home projects and a little power tool action keep me creative, but nothing beats witnessing my kids exploring the world, expanding their horizons, and discovering their passions with my soulmate, Jim, by my side.