Changing Lives Together

Changing Lives Together


Success Coach, Empress of Busting Down Limits, Guardian of Possibilities  

Hello, I’m Natalie, and I want you to know, I’ve been right where you are. Once a Love Launch client myself, I’ve felt the groundbreaking impact of FRCI’s tailored programs firsthand. The Love Launch Program turned my life around, and I’ve been hooked on Johnny & Lara’s wisdom ever since. So, this work is more than just a gig for me; it’s a way of life.

With over two decades as a community college professor, I’ve been mastering the business of empowerment. Guiding, teaching, and championing folks toward their goals has always been my jam. My classroom experiences and personal growth journeys were like boot camp for shaping my role as a Success Coach here at FRCI.

What pumps me up? The sheer audacity women show in chasing their dream lives. My soul bursts with light when I see clients rocking results in every nook of their lives. Witnessing their metamorphosis isn’t just an honor – it’s a privilege that fires me up every single day and propels me to show up in every way that can help women have the life of their dreams, and then dream even bigger.

Beyond coaching, nature’s my medicine, and I recharge my batteries by hiking and tending to my garden. My artsy side kicks in too, with fiber arts and mixed media projects igniting my creative spark. I’m big on connections, cherishing my laughter-laden moments with family and friends. Our conversations? A blend of discovery and joy.

Every woman who dives into the transformative journey at Feminine Radiance & Courage Institute can count on me to be by their side the whole way, nurturing aspirations and providing guidance towards the summit of success. Together, we’ll illuminate this path with the radiance of hope, the wisdom of growth, and an abundance of unwavering support.