What to Do When Men Think Differently Than Women


Moments throughout every day show you that men think differently than women, but that doesn’t need to confuse or frustrate you! I’m reminded of this all the time when I think of instances with Johnny.

The Best Examples are in the Small Things

I was reflecting on a Friday afternoon not that long ago. It was a normal day except that it almost had me telling Johnny off. And I would have been totally “justified” in doing it, let me tell you!

So…it was a Friday afternoon and Johnny and I were leaving the office after a long week of long hours of hard focused work.

I’m tired. He’s tired.

As we’re walking out of the office, I’m bogged down with four different bags. I’m holding our dog Bean on a leash and his blankets (that I brought home to wash each week). And Johnny, well he has nothing in his hands.

He doesn’t offer to help me carry anything.

He’s busy telling me something about a work project he’s doing.

And as we keep walking to the car, I’m getting slightly annoyed with the fact that I’m carrying so much and he didn’t offer to help.

Finally, I ask him to carry something.

He goes, “OH yes! Of course!”

And he happily takes several items off my hands.

Now, here’s where I have a choice to make.

I can choose to stay irritated and annoyed and even give him a piece of my mind.


I can choose to just release it and move on.

I chose the latter.


Shouldn’t I be able to speak my mind?


But I understand the male mind.

Men Think Differently Than Women

Yes, it’s completely true. Men think differently than women.

Men’s brains actually work differently than ours.

I chose not to make a big issue out of it because I know that he was focused on another thing and simply…

Did. not. See. All. The. Stuff. I. Was. Holding!

It’s true!

Once I called it to his attention, he started and was immediately ready and willing and HAPPY to take the load off my shoulders!

He simply did not notice.

Most of the time, he DOES notice, just fyi.

He just happened to be thinking of his complex work project and sharing it with me.

So, because I know about men’s minds and how they work, I made a choice with how I responded.

Was I annoyed? In my younger single days, would I have started an argument?


But I let it go.

I told him about it, then moved on.

Many women tend to think that men are just misbehaving women. They’re not.

They think differently than us.

I know Johnny very well.

He actually LOVES to be my hero, to carry things for me, and to fix things for me, and to make my life easier.

He just happened to be focusing on something else at that moment and didn’t see me carrying all that stuff.

Once I called attention to it by asking him to carry something, he immediately took care of it.

And we moved on, easily.

You Have a Choice How to Think

Before I understood how men think, I would have been really, really annoyed. And I  certainly would have told him about it and probably started an argument.

But it wasn’t necessary. I know Johnny’s heart.

And I understand his mind.

And I was able to quickly dissipate the annoyed feelings, and move into appreciation.

When you learn about men, about how they think, then you start to see that there are actually bunches and bunches of QUALITY men out there.

They DO exist!

You just need to understand them more… and you need to understand YOURSELF more.

This is what we teach and guide our clients through-going from not knowing, not understanding, being confused by men…to knowing more and doing better. And it changes EVERYTHING for them.

You can get started on the path to leaving behind the confusion and annoyance on one of our live Love Breakthrough Bootcamps