Discover our Journey

A Story of Growing and Evolving Together​

Discover our Journey

A Story of Growing and Evolving Together​

The Yin ...

I got married and divorced at the age of 19 after so much drama and heartache. Then I spent my 20s attracting commitment phobes, liars, ghosters, and players. I came from a divorced family and was heartbroken to feel that I was going to follow the same path.

Then one day, after yet another girls’ night out with only toxic dating and relationship stories, it hit me: in order to find an unusual love, a fulfilling and lasting marriage with the right man for me, I was going to have to do unusual things.

I needed to do dating differently than I’d ever done before. I needed to intentionally focus my efforts on finding the right man for me and then building a thriving relationship where neither person would even dream of cheating or leaving.

So that’s what I did. It wasn’t quick. I sought out mentors. It wasn’t easy. But it was true to me and what I valued and needed. And it led me to Johnny.

On our first date, we were at a restaurant and I got up to use the restroom. As I looked in the mirror I was shocked to realize my mascara had smeared all around my eyes. I looked like a raccoon and I thought, “How is this guy taking me seriously?” Then my second thought was to remind myself that the least important thing about me is perfect makeup, and I went back out there to keep talking to this guy I was really starting to like a lot.

...The Yang

Some people meet their sweethearts really young. Lara and I just don’t know that experience. We know the experience of first marrying the wrong person, getting divorced, then starting the search again. And going through all the pain and confusion–what’s wrong with them? What’s wrong with me? Will this EVER happen?

I could see the effects a positive person can have on someone. And I could also see the effects of someone just making terrible decisions and what impact that has on their lives and their happiness.

It was so important to me to find someone who would have a positive impact on my life that I would do whatever it takes to find that.

It didn’t happen right away. I continued to have bad dates. And I’ll be honest, there were many dating opportunities, but no woman stood out; nobody I could be serious about. Then I met Lara.

I don’t remember Lara’s mascara at all from our first date. I remember sitting across from a woman who was fascinating, feminine, radiant. She had an incredible energy, gorgeous smile, and was so interesting. I just found myself being drawn to her in every single way. She could have been wearing a clown nose and I wouldn’t have noticed or cared. I just knew I had to see her again.

How It All Came Together ...

Fast forward to living the life of our dreams together. Happily married, madly in love, and with an amazing daughter. Lara was a chiropractor with a holistic wellness center and Johnny was an attorney-turned-high school teacher, curriculum creator, and administrator making plans to start his own charter high school.

But something different was calling us.

“My patients started asking thoughtful questions about how I found such an amazing man. When I shared about my unique intentional dating process, they demanded to know more. They were stuck and dissatisfied with their love lives and felt a new energy behind dating for soulmate love.

In 2005, a little workshop was set up in Lara’s chiropractic office. There was no plan beyond simply sharing and teaching some patients and close girlfriends a new, powerful way to date and find their Mr. Right.

That night changed everything for us. The reaction was so strong, and the demand for more was truly surprising. It planted the seed that all of our professional knowledge and expertise–my law school education when it comes to decision-making, logic, and cause and effect; my experience with education, curriculum development, and teaching; Lara’s knowledge of neuroscience and neurobiology; combined with our collective life experience–all of this could truly help women break free of what’s holding them back so they can live their best lives.

To Find the Balance ...

Unbeknownst to them at the time, Johnny and Lara were embarking on a path that would solidify them as one of the world’s first “Love Coaches”, and the only coaching duo who are happily married with a family, living the life they teach about for over 20 years.

“Lara and I realized that critical to our teachings and methodology for our clients’ success was hearing from the masculine and the feminine perspective. We can offer a balanced understanding of a healthy masculine-feminine dynamic that isn’t found anywhere else in a coaching environment.”

Now, after almost two decades of equipping and empowering high-achieving women to have it all on their terms, officiating over a dozen weddings, attending even more, and welcoming Love Warrior babies into the family, Johnny and Lara have only just begun.

Dedicated to Family Legacies

Focusing on true love, marriage, and family have become almost taboo in our culture, but Johnny and Lara are clear that some things never go out of style, and are worth fighting for.

“This is why we coined the term “Love Warrior” way back in 2005. Despite setbacks, a painful history, or unhelpful upbringing, every woman can break free of her past, embrace a new future, and change her family legacy.”

When you prioritize preparing for being in a healthy, passionate, thriving relationship with a masculine man who wants to protect, provide for, and cherish his wife and family…that makes you stand out in today’s dating world. We empower you to stand out in a good way, so you can get what you want, and forever stop deferring your dreams.

"The Love Warrior movement chose us, and we’re honored and excited to lead it, to be a part of it, and to share it with every woman who wants to claim a better life for herself, her children, and those around her."