Single To Soulmate Podcast with Johnny & Lara Fernandez
Single To Soulmate Podcast with Johnny & Lara Fernandez
5 Steps to Soul-Stirring Love: Mindset #3

NOTICE: This is Step #3 in Dr. Lara’s 5 Steps to Soul-Stirring Love series. If you haven’t heard Steps 1 and 2 yet, go back and listen, then come back here for Step 3!


This step is maybe one of the MOST controversial of the 5. That’s because this way of thinking ISN’T that common in the modern dating world- and people don’t realize how it’s holding them back.


But most people aren’t happy in the modern dating world- so don’t you think it’s time to try something different than what most people are doing?


Tune in to this episode if you’re ready to learn a new approach- one that really WORKS.



– Why this mindset will help free you from long-lasting pain

– How NOT adopting this mindset will hurt you & your search for love

– How to start applying this mindset TODAY



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