Single To Soulmate Podcast with Johnny & Lara Fernandez
Single To Soulmate Podcast with Johnny & Lara Fernandez
5 Steps to Soul-Stirring Love: Mindset #5 - Love as Personal Growth Opportunity

NOTICE: This is Step #5 in Dr. Lara’s 5 Step series. If you haven’t heard Steps 1, 2, 3, and 4 yet, go back and listen, then come back here for the final step!


If you really want to find your soulmate… just wanting it won’t be enough. There’s something else that is required: the actions and mindsets you learned in steps 1 through 4.


And there’s 1 final step that ties it all together. In this episode, I’ll teach you what it is and how this mindset will help you attract true love while learning and growing every other area of your life in the process.


This is what we help our clients do- and you can start learning this too. Tune in to this episode to learn Step #5 to Soul-Stirring Love.



– Why you need to see your soulmate journey as a growth opportunity

– Why a new approach to love is CRITICAL right now

– How you can keep this momentum going



When you’re ready to take the first step towards transforming your love life & attracting true love at last, head over to to book a FREE 1-on-1 call with one of the warm-hearted, specially trained Love Breakthrough Specialists on Dr. Lara’s team. Your specialist will assess exactly what’s been holding you back in love, how to get what you REALLY want, and if or how we can help you get it as quickly as possible.




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