Single To Soulmate Podcast with Johnny & Lara Fernandez
Single To Soulmate Podcast with Johnny & Lara Fernandez
Don’t Project Manage That Man!

So you’re finally dating a great guy and it’s going well so far! Fantastic!


But wait… Now you need to think about if you have enough chemistry, exactly when you should check off each relationship milestone, how often you should see each other, if he’s doing everything right, what he SHOULD be doing instead, whether there are any red flags…


Wait. Are you project managing this guy like you would a work project?


If that sounds like something you’ve done, this episode is for you. This episode is about why project managing men is not worth it… and can KILL your love life.



– Why managing men is sabotaging your relationships

– How to avoid the men that need to be managed

– How to attract high quality men that don’t require managing



After over 18 years of helping thousands of women find their soulmate, we’ve identified 5 different Love Patterns, each with different characteristics that can keep you from finding true love.


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