Single To Soulmate Podcast with Johnny & Lara Fernandez
Single To Soulmate Podcast with Johnny & Lara Fernandez
S2EP6: Letting go of the past

Social media is not really helping when it comes to moving on from a breakup. Sure, you did unfriend your ex or maybe even blocked him. But what about his friends? What if they post something where your ex is tagged or mentioned? What if this reminder of him hurts you too much? Should you unfriend them too?


In this episode we talk about:


– Releasing your anxiety by unfriending your ex’s buddies on social media


– Taking a break and going on a man diet


– Learning to forgive yourself for the decisions you’ve made in

terms of dating


– Raising your “Quality Attraction Factor” to magnetize the man of your dreams


– Extraordinary self-care by committing to yourself


– Knowing yourself first


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