How Self-Love During the Holidays Can Kickstart Your Journey To Soulmate Love


Forget any other time of the year, it’s especially hard to practice self-love during the holidays. It’s easy to get lost in the flurry of activities, gift shopping, and endless obligatory holiday gatherings.

But something important to remember is that a really crucial part of finding lasting love is first nurturing your love for YOURSELF. So, let’s focus extra this time of year on prioritizing self-care as a crucial part of personal growth and attracting soulmate love.

Self-Love During the Holidays

This season, while it can be full of fun and celebration, also comes with its own set of pressures, expectations, and regrets.

The women we work with, and probably you too, often put themselves and their dreams on the back burner. And that can happen tenfold right now if you’re not careful. That’s why taking the time to practice self-love is even more essential. 

It’s the foundation that helps us live the life of our dreams… and eventually, attract true love.

The Balancing Act

So, how do we balance our career and other responsibilities with self-care amidst the holiday busyness? Something that can be hard to do but is SO important is this: really BE off work when you’re off work.

For the driven professional women out there, it’s so important to remember that taking a break (and enjoying it) doesn’t mean you’re a slacker. It’s actually a necessary part of preventing burnout. When you’re frazzled and burnt out, you’re sure as heck not as radiantly attractive to high quality men, now are you?

This holiday season, instead of burying your feelings in extra hours of work, allow yourself to really switch off. It’s easier said than done. But if you really prioritize allowing yourself to recharge now, you won’t start the new year stressed and tired. Instead, you’ll be excited and glowing, which is better for you AND your love life. Win-win!

Get Into the Holiday Spirit

Getting into the holiday spirit for self-love during the holidays goes hand in hand with letting yourself relax. Allow yourself to get EXCITED about the holiday season instead of trying to “just get through” it or have fun despite it.

Take the time to give new meaning to this time of year. You can make it relaxing, fun, and inviting to more of what you want- including more love.

Whether it’s lighting candles, decorating your space, or trying out holiday recipes with friends, do whatever is fun for YOU to enjoy this season.

And that relaxed, joyful energy? It’s a MAGNET for more magic, more miracles, and high-quality men.

By treating yourself well and practicing self-love during the holidays, you’re starting to set a standard for how you want to be treated by men going forward. If feelings of loneliness attempt to creep in, acknowledge them, take actions to counter them, and then do something that makes you feel truly happy and relaxed.