Being Single During the Holidays Can Be Your Soulmate Inspiration


During this time of year, love and romance is in the air. Everywhere you look, there are couples ice skating together, buying each other gifts, going on vacations, and cozying up by the fire.

But what if you’re still single during the holidays and wishing you weren’t? And seeing those cute couples just pains you (and maybe makes you not like the holiday season very much)? Well you can turn all of that into some serious soulmate inspiration, here’s how.

Single During the Holidays: How to See This as an Opportunity 

Instead of letting the loneliness or frustration overwhelm you when you see all those happy couples this time of year, try a new perspective.

Start to train your mind to see the loving couples around you as a source of inspiration rather than frustration. This shift in perspective can turn your feelings of loneliness into actionable motivation to find your soulmate. Let me explain how.

How to Get Inspired by the Love Around You

Make a conscious effort to let the love you see motivate you. Take time to notice a man pulling out a chair for his wife, or a happily married couple laughing with their children.

Let that serve as a reminder that good men are still out there, true love is possible. And if all those people around you found love, so can you.

Visualization: A First Step Toward Attracting Love

Of course, it takes a lot more than visualization to find love. But, it’s a GREAT first step that we encourage all our clients to do. (And we take them through advanced visualizations to help them step into the life of their dreams).

So, each time you go out and see couples having fun, visualize yourself in their situation. See yourself exchanging gifts with your man, having a romantic holiday dinner, or just cozying up by the fire with a cup of hot chocolate.

Step By Step

Remember, attracting soulmate love isn’t going to happen overnight. One exercise or practice isn’t all it takes to get there. But each step really matters. If you take this first step this holiday season, you’re off to a great start towards committing to a new approach to love next year. 

It’s the season of giving. So if you’re single during the holidays, give yourself the gift of belief. Belief that true love is out there, belief in your soulmate journey, and most importantly, belief in yourself.

Enjoy the holiday season! And remember, if you take action now, then YOU could be the one inspiring others with your love by this time next year!