Single for Valentine’s Day Again? Read This…


So, it’s that time of year again. You barely managed another holiday season alone, and now you’re looking at being single for Valentine’s Day. Stores are already decorated in red and pink and you’re feeling that yearly sadness about being unhappily single.

When You’re Single For Valentine’s Day…Again

I get it. I’ve been there myself. I spent plenty of Valentine’s Days before I met Johnny either with a crappy guy… or feeling frustrated that I was alone again.

And I know you don’t want to show how much it hurts you. You’ve got your life pretty much together- the successful career, beautiful house, fun vacations with friends. But after one too many Galentine’s Day brunches and Paris vacations where you really wish you were with your soulmate… it can get to you.

Maybe you feel like you’ve tried everything to find love…. You’ve read the books, made vision boards, listened to tips and tricks you found online, and repeating mantras. Doing EVERYTHING you know to do… but you don’t know what you don’t know.

All you know at this point is that SOMETHING has to change in your approach to dating, mating, and relating.

And to that, I want to share the BIG realization that our client Liz had that radically changed her life….

How Liz Turned Her Love Life Around In Record Time

I want to tell you about our awesome client Liz. When she started working with us, she was feeling the same way you might be feeling now. She came to us because after spending 20 Valentine’s Days unhappily single, she knew that if she wanted to find her soulmate, she couldn’t keep putting off her dream. It was time to stop finding excuses for why she wasn’t ready to dedicate more time and attention to her love life.

Liz realized something crucial: the same dedication that got her to the top of her game professionally could also help her uplevel her love life. She started treating her search for love like any other goal: she read books, watched YouTube videos, TedTalks, read blogs… but not much was changing.

So, what did she do next? She stepped it UP + decided to become an advanced student- learning from experts, being coachable, resourceful, and she had a willingness to learn something new. She let go of her need to be right and focused on being effective at getting what she wanted- namely a healthy, passionate, thriving relationship and marriage with the man of her dreams. Liz even got a personalized roadmap to the life of her dreams to make sure she was set up for success.

And guess what? It paid off, HUGELY. Today, Liz is happily married to the love of her life. Here’s a few photos of Liz with her soulmate…

Here’s the Real Lesson of Liz

Here’s the thing- she’s not that different from you. Well, she wasn’t that different. She is now. You’re a successful professional woman who learned a LOT of different skills to get to where you are now. You LEARNED how to do your job. You learned how to negotiate, present, and to manage people… And you didn’t just wake up one day with these skills- you learned them with the help of mentors, bosses, professors, or career coaches.

And it’s the same with love: if what someone is doing isn’t working, the smartest thing to do is to get expert help to make sure they get what they want. From time to time everyone needs expert help to get to the next level.

So, I have a challenge for you. Do your best not to let yourself get too down about this Valentine’s Day. I challenge you to do everything in your power to make this the LAST one you spend alone.

And by “everything in your power”, I’m not talking about adding different jokes to your online dating profile, going on more blind dates, or reading another book about love. I’m talking REAL transformation. Investing time, energy, and resources into being the best version of yourself and turning around your love life.

And don’t worry, nobody is talking about blowing up your life. With the right path and plan going one step at a time can be easier than what you’ve been doing for years (that hasn’t gotten you where you want to be).

What You Can Do Now That Will Change Everything

Want to know WHY you’re so successful at work and your career but so NOT successful in love? This is what we break down in our LIVE, free on Zoom Love Breakthrough Bootcamp…

That’s also where you’ll discover exactly what to DO about it.

From who you attract, to the messages you’re unknowingly sending to men. From how to communicate with the high quality men you really want, to how to choose the best guy for you. No more getting tricked by closet narcissists or players.

We pack a lot into the bootcamp that will open your eyes, give you everything you need to prepare to kiss single hood behind. That confusion and frustration that you might have been feeling for years can finally be a thing of the past. 

If everything you’re doing is working for you- this bootcamp isn’t for you.

If you already have everything you want in life-this bootcamp isn’t for you.

If, however, you’re truly sick and tired of being single for Valentine’s Day YET AGAIN (or in some dead-end situationship that’s more hope than deep connection), and willing to show up for a few hours for yourself and your future…then this bootcamp is for you. 

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You learned from your boss or mentor about how to negotiate deals and deadlines. Why couldn’t you learn a new way to approach love? 

The man you want is out there…do you know how to attract him, keep him, and not waste time on a fake? Learn how.

The Clock Is Ticking

You know this, I know this, we all know this. 

Now…even though Valentine’s Day can really hurt, how about we use that hurt or just numbness (maybe even anger at Val day?!) to fuel you to the success in love that’s been eluding you all these years? 

Feeling hurt, annoyed, confused or frustrated with how long this is taking? Good. Why? Because the frustration of being single is fresh in your mind and that MOTIVATES you to make some changes. It’s time to finally step UP for a goal that is 100% for YOU, not your boss or your family or friends.

Johnny and I understand how much it hurts to be surrounded by reminders of the love you wish you had. And we’d love to help you make this the last time you’re single for Valentine’s Day. But we can’t want it for you more than you do. YOU have to take the first step to transformation. Click HERE to grab your spot at the Love Breakthrough Bootcamp.

Go for it! We believe in you. 💕