Tired of Being Single AF – Here’s What to Do


Are you tired of being single? Sick of going in circles in your dating life? Always dating the same type of crappy guy over and over and over?

You’re probably wondering WTF is going on, or if something is “wrong” with you.

Well, here’s the tough truth: there’s nothing wrong with YOU as a person. But… your love life isn’t working, because your LIFE isn’t working. Before you get all bent out of shape from this truth bomb, hear me out. 

The Gremlin: That Old B!tch Upstairs

You’re highly educated and super smart, yes. You’re successful at your career. But even with those successes, there’s an underlying voice in your head wondering, “WTF is wrong with me?” That inner voice also sometimes says, “WTF is wrong with men these days?”

And that voice? It’s taking away your true power. It’s making unhealthy and self-sabotaging decisions in your life. I call that voice “the gremlin”… or sometimes, “the old b!tch upstairs”. She’s mean and she’s stripping away your true power in your love life and in life in general.

Sometimes her voice is victim-y, saying things like:

  • “All men are only out for one thing!”
  • “There’s just no good men left.”
  • “Ugh, I bet this guy is just like the rest.”

But a lot of the time, her voice is unkind and insecure. That gremlin voice, if you keep letting her run things, will keep you:

  • Attracting the same type of man in a different body over and over again
  • Repeating unhealthy patterns in dating, mating, and relating
  • Pushing good men away without knowing it
  • Sabotaging yourself in other areas of your life & keeping yourself small or drained
  • Holding yourself back from your true power, passion, & purpose


Men Can Sense the Gremlin

There’s something else about that gremlin voice in your head: men can tell it’s there. An emotionally healthy man who comes across you can sense that something’s not quite right. He may not have words for it, or even be conscious of it. So, he’ll date you for a while, even sleep with you. He may even declare his love for you. But ultimately, the relationship will fizzle out.

When this gremlin voice is running the show, men WON’T step up and commit to you. They will not put a ring on it. Alternatively, you won’t even SEE healthy masculine men around you at all. (That’s the old b!tch upstairs putting blinders on you.)

When the Gremlin Runs the Show

Your life isn’t really working because the old b!tch upstairs has you trapped. She whispers things to you that have you making unhealthy decisions with men. That gremlin has you acting in ways that show men you’re not REALLY open to their heart and ready to receive love and commitment. She has you putting up massive walls that block out good men. Walls that only weirdos are willing to climb over.

She has you prioritizing your education and career over what you really want: You want it ALL! You want true love, marriage and family (whatever that looks like for you)…. AND a wonderful career.

The gremlin has you draining the power and energy you have for everything else in your life – your parents, your kids, your friends, your career. She has you draining away your precious power.

Reclaim Your Power

Without that power (we call it Feminine Radiance and Courage), you simply CAN’T create the life of your dreams. And you will be stuck in a loop of being tired of being single. If you’re ready to get your life back, take your power back, and quiet the gremlin blocking you from your dreams coming true now…

Johnny and I are here for you, and ready when you are to help you get started. A great next step is attending one of our Love Breakthrough Bootcamps. It’s a transformative experience that opens the door you might think is closed to you. You can still open it and reclaim the life you want!