Spark the game-changing difference in your true love journey.

The unrivaled success single, professional women find in our programs, where other methods have failed, is all due to our proprietary
I.G.N.I.T.E. Framework™.

Imperative Masculine-Feminine Dynamics

Masculine-feminine dynamics today are more confusing than ever. If you aren’t prepared for today’s landscape you’ll always be “one of many” rather than a great man’s “one and only”. For nearly 20 years at Feminine Radiance & Courage Institute, women have been learning how men think, what opens a man’s heart, and what triggers his genuine interest and desire directly from a man; a commitment-minded, high-quality, masculine man who genuinely cares. Our Love Warriors are the most confident, secure, at peace, and radiantly feminine women around because they have a secret weapon–Johnny Fernandez–as a critical part of the coaching team so they don’t unknowingly self-sabotage or kill off a good relationship because they simply don’t understand men.  

Guided by Lived Experience & Longevity

Most dating and love coaches are single themselves, so what they teach is THEORY. Lara created the foundation for our unique approach, attracted her soulmate, Johnny, and the rest is history. Johnny and Lara have been married for over twenty years and have been guiding women together as love coaches since 2005–nobody else can give you that, period. No, it’s not all unicorns and rainbows, but our methods work and work all the time– through thick and thin! Receiving guidance from a happily married couple, exemplifying robust and genuinely healthy masculine-feminine dynamics, will empower you to become the woman of a great man’s dreams. Embrace your role as a radiant feminine partner who brings out the best in her man and settles for nothing less.

Neurobiology,  Positive Psychology, & Magical Manifestation

Most coaching programs follow a one-way communication approach, leaving you feeling like you’ve ordered a DIY love kit. However, our program stands apart. We’ve meticulously designed a curriculum optimized for women’s learning, delivering practices, principles, and tools in a clear, compassionate, and engaging manner by Johnny and Lara and their personally chosen and trained Expert Love Coaches (former clients who are now happily married women). With Johnny’s extensive background in education and curriculum creation and Lara’s manifestation expertise, our approach ensures you not only learn more but also absorb more, have more fun, and progress faster than you ever thought possible. It’s a path tailored for kind-hearted, professional women that defies conventional coaching, providing an uplifting and uniquely effective experience.

Integrity, Accountability, & Authentic Encouragement

A great coach doesn’t just tell you what you want to hear; they tell you what you need to hear. That’s our philosophy. We deeply care about our clients and take the time to know them personally. We’re a close-knit team, which means we can offer both the personal touch and the expertise you need. This unique blend of compassion and no-nonsense honesty is what sets us apart. We speak from the heart, from our vast experience and track record, delivering the guidance required to help you achieve your dreams of true love, marriage, and family. Our approach begins with a fully customized plan, a roadmap to your dream, and then we support you every step of the way, ensuring you can’t fail. If you’ve been searching for love in the same places without success, it’s time for a new, completely different approach – one that works, if you’re truly committed and coachable.

Thriving Sisterhood on a Proven Path Together

Are you not just missing a romantic partner, but also longing for a community of like-minded women who share your life goals, support you, and uphold your standards of excellence? The Love Warrior sisterhood is a group of excellence-driven women who envision greatness in all aspects of life. These extraordinary women will inspire your best self, refusing to let you settle for anything less than the best, whether in love or any other life area. With rare kindness and compassion, they’ll keep it real. Many clients find this sisterhood the most surprising and deeply valuable aspect of their Feminine Radiance & Courage Institute journey. They celebrate each other’s milestones, from weddings to personal achievements, and are even there for the birth of fellow Love Warriors’ babies.

Experience – Based Love Coaches

Our Love Coaches are former clients who’ve walked the same path you’re on, once wondering about the possibilities and frustrated with their own love lives. They stepped up, transformed their lives, and are now happily married with beautiful families. They bring their invaluable life experiences to our team to guide other women toward similar outcomes. With us, you’re not just getting guidance; you’re gaining insight from coaches who’ve walked the talk, illuminating your path with firsthand experience and proven success using our methodology. They play a central role in leading the Love Warrior sisterhood, showing you what’s possible when you’re as dedicated to the journey as they once were.

Boost Your Confidence with Men and
Fix Your Picker with Our Signature Program
True Love At Last

What You’ll Experience in True Love At Last

Your Unique, Personalized Love Plan – Successful businesses have plans and so do fulfilling love lives. We will design your clear, hand-crafted Love Plan to blast away your biggest obstacles to love to transform your love life quickly.

Become Magnetic  – Your custom made, unique to you Feminine Radiance Restoration Kit is your pathway to feeling confident and relaxed knowing you can embrace your femininity, access your natural radiance and reclaim your power as a woman so you are magnetic to a high quality man.

The Step Up Formula – Learn how to take down your walls and replace them with healthy boundaries that inspire the right man to naturally step up and choose and commit to you, and only you.

Fix Your Picker – Learn to pick the right guys with our proven Free Your Heart System so that you stop wasting your time and sharing your heart with the wrong guys for you.

The Decision Maker Power – Learn how to use both your heart and your head to make the right decisions in your interactions with men so that you can be confident and clear as well as knowing precisely where to find the type of man you’re looking for.

Dating Profile Magic – Discover how to create a dating profile that will attract a high-quality man and turn off the duds, players, and scammers, and the 5 magic words that will flip his Masculinity Switch that inspire him to step up and pursue you.

Yes to a Second Date – With our proprietary  S.P.A.R.K. System of dating fundamentals, you’ll know how to talk to a guy you like in real life so you feel in charge of your love life and take the guesswork out of dating, ensuring that the second date WILL happen with the right guy..

Community and Personal Learning – Together with your Love Warrior sisterhood, you’ll learn from others and accelerate your transformation, alongside one-on-one success coaching and private email coaching to keep you on track…you’ll never get lost, never fall back, and never fail.

We’ll take you step by step through our groundbreaking 3D TRUE LOVE METHOD™️ so you can finally have the true love you’ve always wanted.

True Love At Last Will Work for You If You:

  • Are ambitious and goal-oriented yet feel the ache of solitude despite your achievements, and are seeking to merge career victories with genuine companionship and deep connection with a man (and a family in whatever form that takes for you).​
  • Cherish the journey of self-discovery and transformation, recognizing that your relationship with yourself is the cornerstone of building extraordinary connections with others.
  • Embody a determined mindset and stand strong in your belief that true love is a journey worth the investment of your heart and spirit, and you dream of embracing the role of architect of your new love story.

Real change happens in life only once a want in life becomes a must. When it’s clear that your chances of figuring out how to reach your goals on your own quickly (or ever) are dismal, or far lower than you want, you know that something has to change. It MUST change. Because getting where you want to go, having what you want to have, and being who you want to be is just not happening. You intuitively feel that your ways are not working, and they’re not suddenly going to work without targeted intervention and advanced level help.

That’s where our signature program, True Love At Last, enters and completely exceeds the love-coaching standard. It’s for women that want the best, and won’t settle for less.

The Love Launch Program

Catalyze Your Momentum with The Love Launch Program

Welcome to the next level of transformation – The Love Launch Program. It's available to graduates of True Love At Last only. The Love Launch Program is your gateway to amplifying the momentum of your newly blossoming love journey and infusing it into every corner of your life.

Catalyze Your Momentum with The Love Launch Program



Ascend to the Unprecedented with Love Warrior Life Inner Circle Mastermind

Dare to defy convention, to harness your empowerment and forge an existence that surpasses the ordinary. Fully embody the dreams that pulse within your heart. Through Johnny & Lara’s personal invitation only, step up into the Inner Circle and embrace your calling as a catalyst for positive change in the world.

Ascend to the Unprecedented with Love Warrior Life Inner Circle Mastermind


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