Dealing With Unhealthy Relationships: The Surprising Way They’re Costing You


In the quest for love, many single professional women find themselves trapped in a cycle of failed and unhealthy relationships, compromising their integrity, and draining their feminine power. There are hidden costs to dealing with unhealthy relationships, but there’s also a path to reclaiming confidence and magnetism in the pursuit of extraordinary love. You have the power to reclaim your feminine radiance and attract an incredible soulmate love at any stage in life!

The Downward Spiral of Unhealthy Relationships

Every time you experience another breakup, you lose another little bit of confidence in yourself.

Every time another guy you like only wants a hookup, and you don’t want it, because what you REALLY want is true love, marriage and family, BUT YOU DO IT ANYWAY…. 

You’re DRAINING your innate feminine radiance. 

That’s called compromising your integrity, and over time, it KILLS your confidence, your attraction factor and your feminine power.

Bit by bit, every time you date a guy you like, and he turns evasive and ghosts you, every time you worry, “does he like me?” or “what does he think about me?”…. Every time you think like this, you are DRAINING YOUR POWER….

Or, maybe you meet someone special… you date for awhile, you do what everyone seems to be doing these days-act chill, see what develops, and that works for 3 months, or, WORSE… it works for a year or two, or even worse, you move in with him, play house for a little while (no pressure), and then that relationship ends too, and by now you’ve wasted months and prime years of your life going NOWHERE with him…

And attracting lower and lower quality men who SEEM great but they ghost or play games with you….

And it’s a downward spiral for your feminine radiance and is just compromising your integrity over and over.

Coping Mechanisms and Lost Time

To cope with the pain of dealing with unhealthy relationships, you:

-just focus on your career

-start getting out there again

-keep busy with family obligations

-keep busy with your girlfriends

-buy too much stuff online (aka retail therapy)

-binge watch Netflix with a nice pint of Ben & Jerry’s 

-watch the calendar days, weeks and months keep turning over and over

-pretend that it doesn’t matter that much

-resign yourself to either settle or just be single for the rest of your life

And every time, every breakup or relationship that fizzles out, every hookup you do (maybe you enjoyed it, but that’s not what you really want, right?)…

Every time you ask the wrong questions of yourself (does he like me? Will he ask me out again?)….

You are DRAINING your feminine essence and magnetism and it’s a downward spiral.

And then you wonder why you keep attracting low quality or non-committal men- guys you’re just not that excited about.

Or maybe you have attracted high quality men, but they don’t want you, and then you’re in a negative feedback loop.

And down and down it goes, and the years keep passing you by.

Years. Passing. You. By.

And you keep telling yourself that THIS year will be different. THIS year will be the year you finally find the one.

Just like you told yourself last year, and the year before… (and the year before that?)

Yeah, I did that, too.

Breaking the Cycle and Reclaiming Love

If you’re ready to REALLY take ownership and responsibility for your love life and future, We’re here.

If you think you’re going to walk into Walmart and walk out with a Tiffany’s ring, let’s be real- life doesn’t work that way.

You understand there are truths in your life:

  • You’re a single (not in a relationship), professional woman who has EVERY OTHER ASPECT of her life pretty much together, but love is the biggest missing piece
  • You know the difference between Walmart and Tiffany’s and you want Tiffany’s
  • You’re truly ready to take control of your love life and succeed like you do in the rest of your life (without pushing men away, dumbing yourself down, or settling) 
  • You know your way isn’t working and isn’t going to work, so you want the BEST expert help right NOW (not someday)

The Solution: A Path to Extraordinary Love

There are keys to dealing with unhealthy relationships, reclaiming your confidence, attracting high-quality men, and ultimately finding extraordinary love. The proven path to this extraordinary love has been taken by our clients in 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017…all the way back to 2005. And more are transforming their lives on that path this year.

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